The Beach Playsuit

I was so tempted to call this post bae-suit cause bae. But I didn’t want to lose all my followers so this is just the beach playsuit, aka my favourite clothing item in the history of ever. 
Please ignore the tourist looking photo and my sunburn, I still haven’t done a proper outfit shoot but hopefully I will this summer. 

I am LOVING my holiday and the sun (although my pink shoulders aren’t) – hopefully a whole post with photos and a chat will be going up on that soon. 

I have to resist the temptation to wear this outfit every day. It looks so so nice on and like you’ve put effort in, but actually it fits really well with the “I’m on holiday I don’t give a s*** what I look like” attitude that I have. 

It can also be transitioned from day to night so easily with just some bold lips and probably a pair of evening shoes although I skipped that because we all know I’m not a proper fashion blogger and I just wear my Adidas superstars every day. I did this and thought it looked adorable either way. 

I have an obsession with red. My fave Katy from Lexi Life wrote a whole post about liking red and being more confident with fashion. I love how the colour suits blonde hair and looks amazing with or without a tan. I’d never worn a playsuit before but I moved away from my usual summer T-shirt and denim shorts and I LOVE the look. This is so loose and flowy so it will keep you cool even in humid British weather which I definitely don’t miss. 

The playsuit is from H&M and because it’s one of those easy summer outfits, i wore it with my Adidas Superstars and that was the outfit complete. Well, not technically. Sshh. 

What’s your go to outfit at the moment?

Ellie xo



  1. […] Playsuit (H&M) You know I love an outfit when I write a whole post about it cause I don’t get the chance to do that often but damn I love this playsuit. It’s so cool and easy to wear so you don’t get sticky in the summer but it’s red and looks cute so you always look like you’ve made an effort. Check out the post. […]


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