My Holiday Packing Essentials

IMG_0443 (2)It feels like every post I write now starts with me saying how long it is since I posted but HEY I am back from holiday so hopefully that won’t be the case any more. I spent almost two weeks away with my family in Menorca and I had the best time  e v e r. I spent 90% of my time in the sea and the pool and I miss them so much already. Admittedly I didn’t get much of a tan cause it was just so hot and I got bored with putting sun cream on…whoops. I thought I would be the helpful human that I am and write a little post talking about what I packed for holiday that really came in handy and some essentials that you shouldn’t forget.

My number one favourite things I took which I would have worn every day if I could were PLAYSUITS. I had a red one (which is in this outfit post) and a monochrome one (which I want to do an outfit post for) but OMG they just saved me. They are so so so light and breathable even in the hottest weather, because Europe is going through a heatwave, but they look so effortlessly stylish and put together. There were a fair amount of times when I felt like a gross, sweaty mess but it was never when I was wearing a playsuit. I want more so badly! The only downside of these is they are so much effort to go to the loo in but then I realise how beautiful they were and don’t care.

Another item that I love love love is shorts, but fabric rather than denim. Mine (outfit post here) are actually quite thick but I’ve seen loads like it in Primark for really cheap. Comfort is always my priority – I tried to wear denim shorts one day and they were just so thick and cutting that they were off after 10 minutes. They look so sweet with little crop tops and are so easy to throw on over bikinis. An evening essential would be a skirt (mine was my favourite denim one). This looks really glam but is actually easy to wear and can just be swapped with shorts and worn with a pretty top. It’s so simple but day to night outfits are the BEST.

I also really loved wearing my summer dress which is from many many years ago but can just about be worn when I’m away. But the important one is shirts or layers of some kind. My denim shirt was handy but also things like kimonos would be great…I know you won’t need it for the warmth (I hope) but just if you want to cover up or protect your shoulders from the sun which I had to do a lot then I just threw on my denim shirt and tried not to melt.

What colour looks amazing with a tan? White. It pops (ugh cringe whilst I wrote that) a tan so well and also helps keep you cool cause it reflects light. White goes with every colour and is just such a holiday staple. One that really is a holiday staple is some kind of swimwear that you feel like a legend and really confident in because swimming is the best (although salt water does NOT taste great at all). Mine was a red one from Missguided which made me feel so sassy and cool, which I obviously am not.

For travelling I am all about comfort so it was a hoodie and jeans 100%, with a pair of shorts in my carry on that I could change into when the heat kicked in. I hope everyone has or has had a great holiday, and if you’re not going away then I hope you enjoy yourself anyway! Let me know your holiday essentials and I might have to do some online shopping.

Ellie xo


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