Smoky for Summer


I know, I know, summer’s all about dewy skin and minimal eye makeup so why is a palette full of dark shades on your feed? Well because I wanted to take a photo of this palette cause it’s beautiful. Lol. But mainly because smoky can be for summer. And I wanted to write a post where I share the kinda smoky eye look that would be perfect for a summer evening or a meal out on a holiday.

Cause nobody wants to wear this kind of heavy makeup in the daytime when the sun is melting your face off faster than you can say ice cream.

Also bloggers and makeup lovers, is it smoky or smokey? Help.

This is so simple and shouldn’t take too long so you can still spend the majority of your time lying in the sun but will also have the cute af eye look. I’m eating Dairy Milk Oreo eggs that I found on sale and I realised that I’m always eating or drinking when I write posts. New section coming to all posts, today I’m snacking on.

IMG_9588 (2)
Shadows Top to Bottom: High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Whiskey

This look consists of 3 colours, four if you’re feeling extra smoky, from my bae the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. The shades are SO PIGMENTED and creamy, I cry every time. If you want to use a primer then well done for being a non-lazy, clever person because heat but I just like going straight in with the most beautiful shimmery gold ‘Dirtysweet’. This isn’t that really yellow gold but a coppery, almost metallic rosey gold. You can tell how great I am at descriptions – just look at the swatches. I use my finger to apply this cause that’s how you get the pigmentation and put it on the inner half of my lid. I then add a small amount of Radar to the outer half and blend it up into my crease and into the gold shade. I might also use a tiny TINY bit of Whiskey in the outer corner but I am so bad at makeup that this is where I ruin the whole look and have to start again.

For some extra highlight I love using high which gives the most gorgeous glow in the inner corners. Aaaaand thats it. I can’t even do makeup on myself, let alone describe how to do it in writing so apologies that this is my shortest post ever and I haven’t rambled as much as usual. Let me know if you want more short posts dedicated to one product or look and I can do that.

Ellie xo



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