HELLOOOOO it’s Ellie. I’m 15 and I write posts about beauty, fashion (well my attempt at it) and just life on this little fraction of the internet. I love tea and clothes and food and I ramble A LOT if I like something. I’m pretty tiny but quite loud if you meet me. I laugh a LOT.

I don’t have an exact blogging schedule but I tend to post on Tuesdays and ocassionally Fridays or other days, but check out my social media for better updates.

Or follow me on Bloglovin? – https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/ellies-world-14638687

You can find me on my social media:
Twitter – @ellsworldd
Instagram – @ellsworldd
Snapchat – elliesvloggs (I sometimes vlog on there)
I think that’s it (I hope) to keep up to date with my new blog posts and my odd life.

I am a PR friendly blogger so if you are a company looking to work with me or send me anything, you can email me at beautygirlblog99@gmail.com . Any products sent to me or sponsored by companies will be marked with an asterix  * – how professional of me!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and come back soon!

Ellie xoxo

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