The Italy Post

IMG-20170604-WA0003SO if you didn’t already know. I went to Italy! I had the best time and had a complete break from school, work and just everything. A vlog is in the process of being made but I take a good week or two to edit cause I’m slow so I may put a link to that on twitter but I may keep it just for myself. Here are some photos and a little talk through my travels.By little I mean long cause it’s me, get real..

IMG-20170602-WA0026The weather was completely beautiful and we didn’t see one drop of rain. It was a bit much sometimes in the hottest parts of the days to do anything so what a shame…we had to go to the beach or the pool! We mixed relaxing with exploring and that’s my favourite type of holiday.

img-20170602-wa0016.jpgTHE FOOD. We all know food is my one and only love but omg I’ve never been so happy to eat pizza and pasta every. single. day. If you didn’t know, they are SO much nicer in Italy: the pizza is so thin and just bae and the pasta is fresh. I just get emotional when I think about how good it was okay.. ICE CREAM AS WELL ❤

IMG-20170604-WA0002We went to quite a few places and went on quite a few ferries to get to them. My favourite was probably the island Capri cause even though it was filled with tourists and fancy shops for rich people, the views were stunning and the sea was oh so blue. There was a chairlift to the highest point but obviously I didn’t go on it cause I’m a wimp. The funniest parts were definitely the bus rides because the roads are so tiny and VERY windy so the buses are full without any space to move but it kinda just feels like a rollercoaster and it was funnnn. And when I thought there was a bra shop in the main square then got closer and realised it was PIECES OF MEAT. Oh Ellie.

IMG-20170604-WA0001This has been a complete ramble but I hope you like the photos anyway, I loved the panorama I took of the whole island.

Ellie xo

There are cats everywhere in Italy and I love it – this one was sitting on top of a table of books that were being SOLD.


  1. I really love Italy. It’s one of my favorite countries to visit. Actually, I’ll visit it this summer again. You’re so right about the food, omg, I’m already hungry by the thought of pasta or pizza or ice cream in a ‘real’ italian restaurant!! Where have you been in Italy? Wish you a lovely weekend! xo

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