One Year’s Time

Hi, I’m Ellie. I’m 14 years old, although not for much longer, and I love blogging. I was tagged by Lauren from Loulabelle (who btw, has an amazing blog) to write the one year’s time tag. 
The rules are you have to write 5 goals that you want to achieve by this time next year and tag 5 bloggers to do it. Let’s go!

WORK HARD AND BE PREPARED: In a year I’ll be at a very scary and stressful stage of my life cause it will be mock time and only a few months until my GCSEs. I don’t want to feel completely overwhelmed, although I’m sure I will but I want to think that I’ve at least helped myself a bit through Year 10.
To do this I’m going to make sure that I keep up to date on my work and homework (yep I’m a nerd, sorry to break it to you) and if there is a topic that I’m finding difficult then if it’s actually possible I will try and talk to my teacher or go over it at home. If I work really hard and revise a lot for my mocks at the end of Year 10 and in Year 11 then hopefully when it gets to actual GCSE time I’ll be used to having no free time to socialise or watch Netflix. 

KEEP BLOGGING: if I’m not blogging in a year’s time I’ll be heartbroken. This has become such a huge part of my life and I feel so motivated at the minute. I don’t have a goal for followers or views because that’s not too important – what I would love is to still be inspired and enjoying blogging, to still get the lovely comments and to be myself throughout. If I could work on my flatlays in the next year, that would be great. 

STAY CLOSE: sorry I hate being soppy but I’m so happy at the moment. I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for who let me spend my whole life laughing. I hope that in a year we all still hate each other just as much and still annoy each other in maths lessons. I better still be laughing at my big bro and be close to my family. 

BE HAPPY: again sozaloz for the weepy, I need tissues version of Ellie who we rarely see cause she really annoys me but I NEED new glasses. And that will be the first step in actually being decently happy with my appearance. I’m pretty happy with my life but sometimes looking in the mirror makes me feel like absolute rubbish, mainly cause I look 10. And not cause I’m small but cause I still have the same glasses as when I was 10. 

BE MYSELF: I have blonde hair, brown eyes and I tickle my cat until she tries to bite me. I laugh at the stupidest things and I’m the laziest person you know. Let’s hope I still am in a year. 


Ellie xo


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