Freedom Lip & Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Review

Blush and lip palettes are two makeup products which, somehow, I have never really experimented with. So when I received these two for Christmas I was excited but didn’t really know where to start. 
The Freedom lip palette is £10 for 24 shades and the Revolution blush palette is £6 for 8 shades, so that is PRETTY cheap. I know that Freedom and Revolution aren’t the same brand but they are owned by the same company and have very similar products so I thought I would review them both together and let you know whether they are handy, good quality or just worth buying for the Instagram. 


So lip palettes are just one thing I NEVER use, I don’t even use lipsticks in pan form like this at all. There are 24 reddish shades in here which is great because I have my huge collection of very similar nude shades which I wear to death, but I’m kinda lacking in any more interesting shades, and this brings that. 

I didn’t swatch all the shades because duh, there’s 24. I swatched the first 4 and you can see they actually have a really good colour payoff. On the back it says that there are 8 matte shades and 16 sheer shades but honestly I can’t tell which is which. They are all pretty sheer and you have to build them up but when you do it can be intense. (At this point I started trying to do an ombre lip with this so I can tell you that a lot of the shades are very similar and they are not as dark as you think.) 

These also work really well as lip liners with a lip brush cause you can get a much more precise line but they do smudge quite easily at first. And sorry, but they are NOT kiss proof. Not that I kiss anyone other than the nutella jar anyway. 


Again, I just NEVER wear blush. My cheeks are very very “rosy” (basically I just look like a tomato most of the time) so blush is not needed at all, but that means I haven’t tried many so this was great to try. I doubt this will be my new staple product purely because I don’t use it but the blushes have a nice pigmentation to them. They aren’t tooo pigmented but that’s why I like it because it’s not overpowering and annoying to try and blend. There are a couple of highlight shades in here which one is nothing to get excited over unless you like more subtle highlight but the last shades on the top row is pretty stunning.  It is glittery but not too glittery and it creates a gorgeous sheen when it hits the light. It’s very pale and bright though. I like a bit of WOW just to make me look even more like the moon face emoji. These do move pretty quickly so I would recommend either using a setting spray or bringing this with you so you can add more cause this will not last you the whole day. 

I think this palette has a great variety of shades so there’s something more natural or there are a few very out there shades in the bottom right. They are all shimmery so if you like a matte blush then GO SOMEWHERE ELSE cause this palette is not for you. If you’re a blush lover but you don’t want people thinking your crush just winked at you then this palette, or one of the other many that you can grab from Revolution is up your street. 

Overall I am really impressed with these palettes. They aren’t WOW THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL I NEED TO TELL EVERYONE NOW kind of products and I probably won’t use them every day but they are really useful to have to practise makeup and get more experimental. I would recommend them because of how cheap and Instagrammable they are, especially if you want a big variety of shades or want some makeup to play with. 

Have you tried either of these palettes?

Ellie xo


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