My Dream Eyeshadow Palette

IMG_0464 (2)IMG_0462 (2)IMG_0460 (2)Since the release of the new Naked Heat palette and the ABH Subculture Palette, my subscription box and Bloglovin feed have been flooded with reviews and people complaining about the Subculture palette. So my brain automatically decides that I have no nice eyeshadow palettes and I need to buy 100 more, and I started looking at my palettes and which shades I actually used. I have put together my DREAM eyeshadow palette, made up of shades from the palettes I currently own, and I’m going to share it.

I probably didn’t put nearly enough time into this cause I’m already thinking I wish I had more matte browns and I wish I had an olive green colour but hey. I tried to make all the colours go together but it was also just shades that I really liked all thrown together. I chose 12 cause I thought that was the average amount of shades in a handbag friendly palette. Now enjoy the mess of me pretending to know what I’m saying!

My dream eyeshadow is quite warm toned and has some basic shades in it as well as more interesting ones. All the shades, of course, are very pigmented and blend well.

IMG_0468 (2)IMG_0471 (2)IMG_0474 (2)The shades I chose were:

  • High from Naked Smoky – a shimmery white, gold highlight shade that could go in the inner corners or underneath the brow.
  • Combust from Naked Smoky – boring and basic but is pretty much skin tone so would act as a great base or very natural look.
  • Chopper from Naked 2 – what a STUNNING almost metallic pinky, peachy shade with gold shimmers. Perfect for summer or just brightening up a look.
  • Half Baked from Naked 2 – because of course, you need a staple gold shadow.
  • Smooth Criminal from I Heart Chocolate Palette – a shimmer bronzey brown that would suit any skin tone.
  • Suspect from Naked 2 – this is a lot more of a silver and cool toned goldy shimmer so doesn’t go with the warm toned colours very well but hey, I just love the shade.
  • Cranberry from Sleek Storm Palette – doesn’t actually have a name but the most stunning cranberry, burgundy shade with gold shimmer running through it. I would use this all over the lid or to darken up a pinky look, this brings some colour without being too over the top.
  • One More Piece from I Heart Chocolate Palette – the most important shade of them all, a medium matte brown shade that can go in the crease, in the outer corner, blend everything together, and is just an essential.
  • What A Way To Go from I Heart Chocolate Palette – a dark matte(ish) burgundy shade which is oh so beautiful and would go so well with the cranberry shade.
  • Whiskey from Naked Smoky – a darker matte brown shade that could be mixed with One More Piece or used on its own to deepen up eyeshadow looks.
  • Smolder from Naked Smoky – a matte dark purple which is just more interesting than brown but can also deepen up looks.
  • Blackout from Naked 2 – cause black is just useful, whether you’re going for a very smokey eye or just want to use it as soft eyeliner.

If someone could tell me of a palette that has all these exact shades in I would love you forever. Let me know if you have an eyeshadow palette that is your dream or what shades you would use to make it!

Ellie xoIMG_0466 (2)IMG_0456 (2)



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