What I Want To Do This Summer

IMG_0431 (2)21/7

It’s FINALLY SUMMER! I finished school at 1:30 this afternoon and I am buzzing for 6 weeks off. School has completely tired me out so a break is definitely needed, although it is a bit emotional. I’ve made a little list of everything I want to get up to this summer – I did this last year and I’m pretty sure I only did one thing. I’m off on holiday VERY SOON so that just makes me smile, there may be posts or there may not, we shall see.

  1. I really want to have a PICNIC. I had one around Easter but I think it’s time again.
  2. I’m gonna go stationary shopping and buy way too much cause it will all help me revise next year, right? I don’t even care.
  3. I want to clear out my wardrobes and get rid of all the junk from when I was 10.
  4. LOADS OF OUTFIT POSTS, this will be the best time
  5. Have an adventure in the woods and get lost. Why wouldn’t you?
  6. Make ice lollies and salads and actually eat healthily instead of giving up after twenty seconds. Yep, you read it here. Let’s see how well I can handle it.
  7. Have a sleepover with my favourite people and smores and hot chocolate. What was that about healthy eating?
  8. Sleep in the garden and stay up to watch the sun rise. And get photos, obvs.
  9. Have a midnight swim on holiday. SO EXCITED.
  10. Eat McDonalds on the beach. Probably the one I want to do the most! Sun, sea, friends and food, what more do you need really? Fries get in my mouth.

This is probably my shortest ever post because for once I haven’t waffled. What is happening? Seriously, I’m just excited to be able to lie in, eat strawberries for breakfast and have time to blog. Come on England, good weather please!

Ellie xo



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