Love Island Chats

IMG_9379I know that I’m the most unoriginal cliche teen but lol Love Island is just entertaining okay? I thought as there is less than a week left of the show that literally everyone watches (but pretends they don’t (sorry if you don’t, you must hate your twitter feed)), I would chat about it answering some questions. I got these from Grace and Grace’s Q&A that came up in my suggestions, plus my tiny little worn out brain.

I kinda love the show for the couples and the feeling of loneliness it gives me but mostly just for the savage, hilarious tweets I get to read about it afterwards. Plus STORMZY WATCHES so how can I not? What a babe.

Who are you most like?
Hmm…I kinda remind myself of Camilla because I’m a bit posh and it takes a while to get to know me but I would have to say Montana because she just snacks through the drama and I am  c o n s t a n t l y  eating. Plus the meme of her screaming is just my life.

Who would you couple up with?
It’s so weird because when the show started I thought they were all grim but now I just can’t decide. For me I need the jokes (or crack but what does that MEAN) so I love Kem because he is the cutest thing to ever exist, gorgeous and bloody hilarious. But I also love Chris because he’s adorable and deserves so much better but let’s not forget his rapping skills! Petition for a collab with him and Stormzy? Alex is so insanely good looking and I also obsess over Sam on the daily.

What is your type on paper?
LOL I don’t even have a love life so there is no answer to this question.

Muggy Mike or Magic Mike?
Muggy. Why does everyone fancy him so much! He’s boring and thinks he’s such a legend.

Favourite couple?
I like Kem and Amber in a weird way, although I can never decide if they’re genuine and their drama just annoys me sometimes. I lowkey (sorry just love that word) love Georgia and Sam and of course Camilla and Jamie are pretty legendary, am I right?

Rank the boys from highest to lowest!

  1. KEM
  2. Chris!!
  3. Sam
  4. Alex
  5. Marcel
  6. Jamie

Rank the girls from highest to lowest!

  1. Montana
  2. Camilla
  3. Gabby
  4. Amber
  5. Georgia
  6. Olivia

Would you ever go on the show?
Nooooo mate! I would be so scared because everyone watches you and knows everything about you and what if I was the Olivia? Your life would never be the same. I would really love to shout TEXT though.

2016 or 2017?
I don’t know? I feel like I’m more into it this year and all the couples left in are so strong but last year was more interesting. There was a lot more drama last year whereas this year the producers really have to try to make beef themselves.

Who do you want to/ think will win?
I kind of think Montana and Alex might win because the public love Montana and Alex is just so gorgeous, but I don’t know if they have enough of a story? Does that even make sense? I think Camilla and Jamie will win and I would love that, mainly because I think she would give at least some of the money to a really good cause rather than keeping it all, she’s such a kind person. I feel like people are a bit bored with Marcel and Gabby which is a shame because they had such a great chance at winning before. I think Kem and Amber will get to the final but I’d be very surprised if they won. We shall see on the 24th!

That is all I have to say for now. I don’t want the show to end cause my evenings are gonna be so boring and I’m ON HOLIDAY the day of the final so I won’t get to watch it probably! Let me know your thoughts about the show and answers to these questions and if you have any posts about Love Island let me know because I’ve given up enough of my time already so what else do I have to lose?

Ellie xo


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