My Summer ASOS Wishlist

IMG_0298 (2)

Do you wanna know something REALLY annoying? My sunglasses broke whilst taking this photo. Sigh.

I WANT ALL OF THIS STUFF. It’s been so long since I’ve done a wishlist post and there’s a whole load of clothes saved on my ASOS ready for when I get paid so I thought why not inspire you all to spend that money you were doing so well at saving but also get some g o r g e summer clothes. You can probably see a running theme of either red or embroidery cause yes I am kinda loving the trends! Most of this is quite different to my usual style but I’m loving the change. If pink is your fave and this doesn’t have enough pink for you then my last post like this only had pink clothes in. You’re welcome.

  1. Bershka Gingham Cami Bralet Top – £8.99
  2. ASOS Denim Original High Waisted Coral Skirt – £28
  3. Boohoo Floral Embroided Mom Jeans – £25
  4. ASOS Ultimate T-Shirt Dress – £15
  5. Faithful Printed Bardot Dress – £110 (I’m sorry I found it, fell in love, then saw the price…)
  6. New Look Floral Beach Playsuit – £14.99
  7. ASOS Beach Playsuit with Floral Embroidery – £32
  8. River Island Ladder Trim Beach Playsuit – £25
  9. ASOS Crop Raglan T-Shirt – £10
  10. New Look Grey Curved Mini Backpack – £17.99
  11. Miss Selfridge Printed Crop Bardot Top – £16
  12. Bershka Embroided Off The Shoulder Top – £21.99

I’m obsessed. My favourites have got to be 1, 2 and all of the playsuits (if you couldn’t tell I’m a bit in love with playsuits). I also really want the T-Shirt Dress at 4 to wear as PJs or just for lazing around the house when anything tight is too hot. These would all look amazing on holiday and I will definitely be doing a huge ASOS spree as soon as I can. Also the bag at 10 is actually not on ASOS but New Look but just look how cute that would be. I could talk all day about how much I want to own these clothes cause YES.

Let me know which your favourites are and what you’re wishing for ready for summer! I love being an enabler 🙂

Ellie xo



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