The Holiday Haul

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I love clothes and I’m going on holiday in 3 days (when I write this) so what better than a haul where I show you what I’ve bought for my holidays. This is mostly clothes but there are also some travel sized toiletries which are almost as cute as my cat.

I’m sat eating a choc ice and the weather in England is incredible at the moment, love it!

Just a warning, I have an OBSESSION with H&M okay. I picked up 4 clothing items which will be perfect for my holidays and just the summer in general. Picked up sounds so weird now doesn’t it? I got these denim shorts cause they’re just basic and will go with EVERYTHING. Also trust me to get the cheapest shorts I could find, why am I such a bargain hunter. I also picked up these sweatshirt shorts which are so comfy but I thought they would be great for lounging around in or when you need something to wear that will keep you cool but you can walk around easily and this will look great with crop tops.

I also found a white cropped T-Shirt that has a red and blue kinda Brooklyn design which is quite thin but I could imagine it on the beach over a swimming costume and I just fell in love when I saw it in the shop. Although it wasn’t one of those running moments cause I spent a good two minutes trying to reach it. Why do H&M put the cutest clothes on the highest hangers, do they not know I’m small? Then there’s this playsuit which might just be my favourite thing ever. It’s red which I’ve decided because of Liv Rook suits blondes so much and looks so flowy and cute and is really lightweight so I will be wearing this so much on holiday. Definitely will be some outfit posts coming soon, hopefully from the beach.

Also just because I’m trying not to make people think this post is sponsored by H&M (sadly it isn’t lol but hey bae) I also kinda recently bought this stunning khaki shirt which I cannot be assed to iron whoops. I’m planning on wearing this, like I do with my denim shirt, over tops as an extra layer rather than buttoned up and it keeps you warm in the evenings without having a fur lining (may have worn my winter coat the other day before the heatwave came). And Topshop always find a way to make me spend money so I bought this striped T Shirt which says What If in red writing – again with the love of red clothes. This is quite long so I would definitely wear it tucked into jeans although it may be more of an autumn and spring item than summer itself.

IMG_0092 (2)IMG_0093 (2)Then because I have a shopping obsession and I can’t help myself, I picked up a load of adorable travel minis which I did actually need. I kinda just found the biggest size of shampoo and conditioner that would fit into the airport rules of 100ml cause we’re only taking hand luggage so I’ve got to try and fit makeup into one ziplock bag (whole post on that if you want, let me know). I ended up with the Tresemme Restore & Control Shampoo & Conditioner and I have no idea if these are good but we shall see. We have the TINIEST cutest deodorant you’ve ever seen cause how could I go to a boiling hot country without it. I actually want to cuddle this though, why does small stuff make me emotional?

For skincare I got a tiny pack of Simple makeup wipes and I’d be surprised if I don’t run out. I haven’t used these in ages but since Garnier decided to make their micellar water too big for travelling (why mate why) I thought I’d go back to basics. I picked up the Simple Light Moisturiser cause planes suck all the moisture out of your skin and I remember liking this when I had it before.The most exciting out of these is the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. There are only 5 in here so it won’t last me long but I have always wanted to try Nip & Fab skincare. Exfoliating and radiance boosting sounds pretty great to me right now too. I might actually try one tonight woo!

I really REALLY need to order a bikini or swimming costume asap cause I only have one at the moment so that’s why those are missing from this haul. Let me know what you have bought recently cause I love being nosy and hopefully there will be more holiday themed posts soon if I get the chance to write them, although I’m going away in the summer too.

Ellie xo


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