Prom & Party Makeup Picks

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Prom is that glamorous, amazing event that everyone in your year attends and has a great time. So I’ve heard. I’ve never actually been to prom and I’m not sure when I will, do you have a prom at the end of year 11 or is it just 13? But I thought I would pick my favourite evening glam makeup products which I think would be perfect for prom or even just a party.

Can I just say I feel SO demotivated and mehhh right now so if anyone can motivate me to do schoolwork and actually write posts that would be great cause I’m writing this a good 3 hours after it should’ve gone up.

Onto the prom picks…

I mean if you can’t wear glitter all over your face at prom when can you? I think a glitter liner is P E R F E C T for prom, the one I have is from Tanya Burr Cosmetics but it was limited edition for Christmas. You could do a whole eye full of glitter and use this as a kinda base, a cut crease if you’re feeling fancy or just used over or above a classic black winged liner. This is a bit watery so I’m not sure about the lasting power but I think proms and parties are the time to get the glitter out and just dance. This has tiny sliver specks of glitter and god its gorgeous.

IMG_9487 (2)If you’re looking for an easier eye look or you don’t usually wear much makeup, the Maybelline Colour Tattoos will change your life. The shade I’ve included is On And On Bronze as it is the most versatile but Metallic Pomegranate is the biggest yes if you love cranberry shades or have brown or maybe green eyes. This is so easy to just swipe on and blend but the shade is bronze with gold shimmer and would look good on absolutely everyone. Lav ittt! It also claims to last 24 hours which I don’t know about but I do know it lasts a very long time and is pretty brilliant.

I literally know nothing about face makeup but I’ll try anyway. For prom I know a lot of girls like to have flawless skin so if you have rubbish dark circles like me or want to cover up your new friends growing on your cheek then concealer will be your best friend: both for the coverage when you’re doing your makeup and for quick touch ups. I’ve been loving the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as it has such good coverage but doesn’t look cakey or fake.

HIGHLIGHT. I know that I would want to look glowing for my prom or even just a party and of course we have Mary Lou and the Lottie London Shimmer Squad which are my actual loves – so dazzling – but for a base so they last longer and some EXTRA glow I would definitely recommend Benefit High Beam as it is so blinding and beautiful and paired with other products will make your cheeks popping. I do this pun every time but this will be the highlight of your prom makeup.

IMG_9502 (2)
TOP – BOTTOM: Glitter Liner, Maybelline Colour Tattoo, Benefit High Beam that you can barely see. LEFT: Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Lipstick.

Last but not least, lips. Thinking about it now I prooobably would go for a safe nude lipstick, most likely MAC Velvet Teddy or Whirl, just so I would be confident and wouldn’t worry too much about smudging. But if you are feeling sassy then go for a red lipstick, I dare you. I picked the Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 107 cause I thought this would go with quite a lot of dress colours and was the perfect mix of dark red, bright red and berry. I know matte liquid lips will be the most long lasting, but they’ll also be the most drying by a long shot and I would rather not have cracked, sad lips. This lipstick is matte so won’t be all over your face by the time you arrive but won’t stop you too much from drinking or eating cause that’s all I’ll be doing at prom. It’s also a lot easier to throw on in the toilets before a dance or something.

Everything I said has been thoughts from what I expect prom to be like but I could be completely wrong. If you’re doing your own makeup for prom or you’re having it done professionally then those are some ideas for what you could ask for. Let me know if you’re going to prom this year or what your prom experience was like.

Ellie xo

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