The Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

IMG_9432I haven’t watched Netflix at all today. That makes me sad. You know those days that literally just disappear and you feel like you haven’t done ANYTHING? Yeah that. All I know that I did was take a couple of photos for posts and then I spent way too long looking at holiday clothes online, whoops. And then I’ve been doing work the rest of the evening and eating oreos, what even is exercise?

I’m very excited to get into bed and watch something once I’ve written this post though, if you want to know what I’m watching then this post is perfffff for you cause that’s exactly what I’m telling you. I wrote this post a while ago where I talked about the shows that I had watched on Netflix and my opinions so here are some more because it’s crazy the amount of hours I get through.

PS this might contain tiny spoilers but they will most likely be things you find out in the first episode but by the way A is…kidding okay.

Gilmore Girls
I have talked about this in so many posts and the obsession is real. It feels like so long ago that I finished this but it really wasn’t. It is THE BEST show to watch with a cup of tea because I feel like PLL actually stresses me out because you have to be paying attention at all times and I get so annoyed like WHY DO YOU GO IN THERE WHEN YOU KNOW THERE IS THE CREEPIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET AFTER YOU. This is really chilled out and funny, I just love that you get to look into their lives, all the characters are so likeable and Rory and Logan for life, just saying. The extra series that they made on Netflix was decent, it wasn’t terrible or amazing but it did make me happy watching how they had grown up and ahh all the love for this show. Watch.

YES YES YES. I was so late to this show but I’m very glad cause it meant I had 8 or so episodes to binge watch but now waiting a week or two for a new episode is so painful. This is so tense and gripping but it has the perfect balance of murder mystery and teen drama, it is literally my perfect show because I never find that I start playing on my phone which I do for most shows cause my attention span is worse than a goldfish. I honestly don’t know who killed Jason but I think this week might be the last episode. I am SO hoping there will be a Season 2 because I bloody love this show and it has gone to the top of my list of fave shows so quickly.

13 Reasons Why
I’m writing so much about each show, this is almost 500 words already. Great. This show has had so much talk and obsession on the internet that I’ll be surprised if you haven’t watched it. It is very intense and graphic so maybe if you might be triggered don’t watch it but it is such an important story and shows exactly how little things do matter and what you say will affect somebody so just be nice people, okay? If nothing else, we need to be watching this to spread awareness so that this fiction doesn’t become non.

I have heard mixed reviews on this show but I completely love it! It makes me giggle a lot and it is very inspiring, I’m on something like the 6th episode but by the time this goes up I probably will have finished. It does make me want to go into fashion and the clothes in it are just insane! I love Sophia lots, probably cause I’m a sarcastic one but you should definitely watch this, it isn’t too scary or anything but it just follows her journey setting up Nasty Gal, watch it.

Me Before You
I know this is a film but it’s still on Netflix and I hadn’t watched it. But OMG so sad, like TFIOS level, except it actually did make me cry! It was such a beautiful story and I loved watching the characters progress. It made me think a lot and I loved it so it is definitely worth seeing if you haven’t.

Another film but this was too good not to talk about! It’s also on Netflix and it had me huddled into my pillow at points and gripping my friends arms way too tight. It isn’t scary as such but it is so tense at points but I loved how full of action and adventures it was, the storyline was so clever but reminded me of Black Mirror. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched it at 1am? It also has Alex from 13RW in so you know.

Let me know if you’ve seen any of these and what you thought, I loved all of them so I wrote a LOT, that’s just what I do. I’m now going to watch Girlboss and go to sleep, have a good weekend!

Ellie xo



  1. Thank you for this! Was needing some new watching material. I’ve already watched all of Gilmore girls and totally binged 13 reasons why and girl boss but now I’m excited to start Riverdale!
    xoxo, Sarah

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  2. I just finished watching 13 reasons why and gilmore girls. 13 reasons why was intense. I really liked the first 5 episodes but after that it got a bit scary and it went really heavy! Gilmore girls was just so much fun and I totally get you with Rory and Logan, eventhough I really like Jess too! I will probably be watching Riverdale or Girlboss soon. Have you seen New Girl? That’s a great show too!

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