My Skincare Heroes

IMG_9459 (2)IMG_9466 (2)I’m a teenager. Which means my skin is… well…not the greatest. I was blessed with almost completely clear skin until I turned about 14. And recently my skin has been t e r r i b l e. Skincare is one thing I rarely talk about on my blog because I am no expert and would be lying if I acted like I knew what I was talking about. I don’t have a particular routine that I do every day cause I’m too lazy but these are the products that I use which really DO work.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
This is so so so hyped about but I personally love it to remove any eye makeup and to cleanse my skin. It’s so quick and easy but it always leaves my skin feeling fresh and is perfect if you have sensitive skin. I don’t wear much face makeup: what I do it gets off really well, but I know some people don’t like it for removing foundation. This is such a good lazy girl product for me since you don’t have to rinse your face or anything. And the On The Go size is oh so cute. Although WHY did they make it 125ml? How am I meant to take that in the liquids bag when I go on holiday?

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel
DAMN. You need this. If there is one thing you buy from this post let it be this babe because it is my life saver and without it my skin would be so much worse. If you’re an old school reader you miiight remember me talking about this or even the old one with the boring packaging. I have used this for years and you just have to put the tiniest amount on your spots before you go to sleep and within a few days they will have almost disappeared. It isn’t some magic which is going to make all your spots disappear in ten seconds but it’s close enough. Tea tree is meant to be really great for your skin although, like I said, I don’t actually know what I’m talking about. It reduces the redness and obviousness of your spots by about 80% and no this isn’t sponsored I just bloody love it. If you have dry skin you will need to use some moisturiser or something along with this because it dries out your spots, but that might mean it makes your skin more dry too.

Nivea Cocao Cacao Lip Butter
If you have dry, chapped lips or are in need of a good lip balm, you will love this. I used to live and die for the Nivea lip balms but I’ve since discovered this and still haven’t repurchased that. It isn’t the most friendly for on the go but when you are at home, it gives so much moisture to those dry lips and really does make a difference. Plus it smells amazing. I can’t think of anything else to say about a lip balm except that this does a great job.

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream
This is the newest addition to my tiny little pile of skincare products but I’m not kidding when I say it makes your under eyes feel so smooth, I want to say like a baby’s skin cause similes but I haven’t felt a baby’s skin in a while. I have such bad dark circles under my eyes but this has somehow made them a lot less obvious and made my eyes feel a lot healthier and more moisturised. It has made concealer apply so much more smoothly as well and it doesn’t flake nearly as much. I don’t know much about Vitamin E but this, like all the products in this post, is so affordable that if you pile on concealer like me to cover up your dark circles (if you embrace them congrats) then you need to try it. That was the longest sentence ever.

These products are all seriously incredible and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. My Superdrug wishlist is full of skincare I want to try but let me know if you have any other recommendations! I do use other products but these were the ones worth raving about.

Ellie xo



  1. Oh my gosh I have the same gripe about the garnier micellar cleanser! I thought it was 100ml and it got confiscated at customs 😦 even though it was half empty and only cost me £1, I was still pretty bummed out. It’s such a weird sizing to have.

    I tend to use it after a more heavy-duty cleanser since I don’t think it removes heavy makeup (esp mascara), but have you tried the other one garnier released? It comes in a similar bottle and is golden with an amazing honey scent- and it gets everything right off! I think it’s on sale atm and is a whopping 400ml for the largest size

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh god that’s so annoying, I’m so glad I realised before I go on holiday! I should probably do that too but I’m a bit lazy. That sounds so good and I will definitely have a look for it, I love honey! xx


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