Three I Want To Try

IMG_9358I have spent a lot of time recently working. I know I’m not a Year 11 but I’m trying to get myself slowly into revision ready for mocks. And then Year 11 yay. That’s not what this post is about anyway and it was meant to smoooothly transition into the fact that I always have time to have a little look at new in makeup and add stuff to my wishlist. I am LOVING my Three To Try series so here are three lots of three different products that I want to try. Does that make sense? This was going to be just three products but I didn’t think that was enough for one post. Enjoy!

Kiko is definitely a brand that I don’t think gets enough hype. I’ve never actually owned one of their products but I’m always lusting for them when I see them in videos because they look incredible! I am mainly wishing for the eye products but the Less Is Better Stick Eyeshadow in Metallic Rosy Copper (rambly name though) looks GORGEOUS. I’ve seen it used in tutorials and damnnn, I need to head to Brighton soon so I can go and stare at it for hours. Also the Less Is Better Eyeshadow Palette must be a joke because the shades are oh so beautiful. Pink and shimmery and matte and perfecto for spring. I’m okay. Not. The Multicolour Glitter Eyeliner in Silent Taupe just looks so unique and I’m so interested to try it. These are not too expensive either, kind of higher end of drugstore prices, the palette is £12 which is pretty good for 9 stunning shades which I’m obsessing over already.

Because I have a problem. I am in love with every single eyeshadow palette and I have so many amazing ones but there is no too much makeup. These are three very much high end and very much way too expensive (for me to even swatch cause that’s where things go downhill and my purse is suddenly empty) eyeshadow palettes. So um the Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette, let’s take a moment. This is full (and I mean 20 shades full) of warm toned burgundy and copper and brown-ish shades which make me want to cry because £43. A girl can dream though. Then we have the obvious basic blogger palette that everyone and their cat recommends: the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. This has a few more bright shades but it is one of the most hyped up palettes so I’m very curious to whether it is worth it and cmon, how can you resist. Last of the make me cry I want it palettes is the one that I would give my right hand for. Or maybe not, I can’t think of a better exaggeration, sorry English teachers. The bloody Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette. If you see this and don’t own it and don’t want to press add to basket and splurge all your money then I am VERY jealous of you. But seriously the shades are the most beautiful spring shades and if anyone wants to send me this, I’ll be waiting.

So Colour Pop currently have free international shipping if you spend 30 dollars. WHY DO THEY DO THIS. The temptation is so huge but there are a lot of family birthdays in May and I’m trying to learn to actually save money instead of spending it all in New Look so I’m just trying to avoid the website. I’ve just seen that it ends at midnight tonight in American time so I’m so so sorry to anyone whose hopes I got up but hey, I won’t feel so bad for being an enabler. Woweewow though, I have wanted to try Colour Pop for so long and these are the three which I am most in love with. The Ultra Satin Lip in November looks like the most me lip colour you could find. And I’ve heard such good things about the Ultra Satin Lips that this is what I would get if I could only get one thing. I’ve heard that the colour pop eyeshadows are very creamy and blendable but not like any other eyshadow. I’m very intrigued to try them and the Eyeshadow Foursome in Phase Me Out is peach toned which, I’m sorry to say it again and again, but is spring in a pan. Another pinky brown nude because I got issues (and you got em too, I’ve had this song in my head for the last week, so annoying) is the Lippie Stix in Parker. What can I say other than I’m predictable and these are very talked about in the beauty blogging world.

It’s so funny that you can see my exact makeup taste from this post – warm toned eyeshadow palettes and pink/brown nudes. #relatable sorry. Now that I’ve rambled for ages about the makeup products which I really, really want, let me know what’s on your wishlist or if you have any of these products and what you think! And if you got through this post I am proud. You deserve chocolate.

Ellie xo



  1. You definitely need to try the ABH modern renaissance palette. That one is lovely, I only got it a month ago and I’ve been using it ever since. I’d also love to try the Colourpop stuff, I never tried anything of that brand before! xo

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