Pink & Embroided Denim

IMG_9265IMG_9288IMG_9316“You weren’t even taking photos!” “Do you want it landscape or portrait?” “What do I press to take it?” “Why do you need a photo?”  “Do you want your shoes in it?” Ah the joys of trying to get your family to take outfit photos for you.

I love making outfit posts so much. I don’t do them often cause I don’t have enough actually nice outfits. But today I finally have another yay! I’m munching on Easter chocolate cause its that day where eating a huge roast lunch then pudding then chocolate for the rest of the day is actually considered socially acceptable.

IMG_9340IMG_9346I have been wearing this outfit as much as I can cause I am completely in love with it. The hunt for a denim skirt was a looooong one but now I have found one that fits perfectly, looks amazing and isn’t too boring. I love the embroided flower detailing so much. It’s so versatile – with tights and a jumper in winter or take away the tights and just wear the skirt and a t-shirt in the summer. I did this the other day when I went for a picnic with my friends and loved it. Although I never usually wear skirts (I want to get a lot more into skirts and dresses as you may know) so I didn’t think about how awkward it would be trying to sit on a picnic blanket. I survived though, no crossed legs for me.

After the best Yorkshire puddings I’ve ever made and roast potatoes and gravy and all the yumminess me and my family went for a little stroll in the woods and didn’t get lost (for once!). The bluebells were everywhere and I got some decent shots of a pretty great outfit.

IMG_9293IMG_9341IMG_9335My skirt is from Missguided, although it’s stocked on Asos too and I wore it with my staple pink ribbed top from H&M along with tights and black leather converse. My ASOS favourite coat ever was also needed cause April weather in England can be not so warm and I have a gorgeous necklace from H&M on which you definitely can’t see. It’s basic but makes me feel less like a 7 year old and its comfy and warm, yes yes and yes.

Let me know if you liked this outfit and I definitely will be doing more outfit posts in the summer!

Ellie xo



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