Three To Avoid

yoI’m not even a really positive person who only spreads happiness but I still feel bad about writing this post. These are products which I have tried out and wasn’t keen on so I definitely wouldn’t recommend but if you have these products and love them then please let me know your secrets and I’ll give them another try! Today I have another post in my Three To Try (or not) series so these are products I rarely use and don’t think are great at all.

Benefit World Famous Neutrals Palette – £24.50
This is such a shame because it looks SO good sitting in my makeup collection, but sadly not on my eyes. I was so excited by this because it’s Benefit so how can you not be? But I was quite disappointed. It comes with two mini Creaseless Cream eyeshadows which are actually gorgeous and I use a lot but the powder eyeshadows are what disappointed me the most. The shades themselves are beautiful and would be perfect for spring but there just isn’t enough pigmentation. There are 4 shades: Call My Buff (a matte cream/white colour), Kiss Me I’m Tipsy (a shimmery dark purple), It’s Complicated (a shimmery peachy pink) and Gilt-y Pleasure (gold) and the most pigmented is definitely It’s Complicated as the pigmentation is quite decent but the rest just aren’t there and are quite chalky and powdery too. I would definitely recommend having a look at the cream eyeshadows by Benefit but this palette just isn’t the best sadly because the shades have so much potential. And considering the price tag of £24.50 there are 100% better palettes for a lot cheaper.

yooNew Look Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lip in Sweet Rose – £4?
So I’m not entirely sure if they have changed the formula of these but when I tried to find this on the website there were loads of new liquid lipsticks with fancy gold and glass packaging but I’ll talk about this anyway. I bought it about a year ago thinking it would be a dupe for Posie K by Kylie but I really did NOT like it. It looks so nice when it’s swatched but this was neither a bright, bold dark pink like Posie K or a pinky nude which I also hoped it was. It’s literally bubblegum pink when you put it on your lips and I am not a fan. The formula is also very drying and flaky so nope, do not recommend. If you’re looking for a cheap but amazing liquid lipstick then go and look at Sleek. I will have a look at the new versions of these but the shade Sweet Rose and (maybe?) the formula of these is really not my favourite.

Top – Bottom: Eyeshadow Palette, Concealer attempted to be blended out & Liquid Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer – £2
Now this was another oooo this is cheap let’s try it purchase by 2016 Ellie but again, not a fan. I’m sure I remember a blogger I read talking about this which is why I bought it but firstly, the whole shade range is so yellow. I have very pinky skin so I probably should’ve thought about that before I bought it but lol I didn’t. This is weird because it half disappears into nothing and then half just creates a yellow cakey blob on your face and clings to dry parts. The formula is really thin and it doesn’t blend at all. It is cheap but it’s too Simpsons inspired for me and I’ve looked at the reviews on Superdrug and they all say the same. Makeup Revolution has some great products but this isn’t one of them.

I feel so bad after writing this post but those are just my opinions and you have to just be savage and truthful sometimes. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought and send me suggestions for more posts in this series or just posts you want me to do.

Ellie xo



  1. I love posts like this, as it’s so good to get different opinions on a product whether it’s good or bad! It’s a shame about the Benefit palette, as I totally agree with you, you’d think it’d be really good! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

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