How To Smash Your Exams

IMG_9064If you’re reading this I can only guess that you’re having a break from hard work revising. Or since it’s Easter you’re having a good day off and motivating yourself for when you go back to school.

Who am I kidding, I sound like a teacher? I’m in Year 10 so next year is THE GCSE year (you can tell how excited I am) but at the end of the year I have mocks and I really really want to do well. I was doing great at motivating myself until Easter started and Netflix just dragged me further and further from the grades. And I watched Caitlin’s chatty GRWM and she said she has a revision timetable already so now I’m just panicking but that leads me on to the first thing which is everyone learns and works differently so if your friends started revising way before you then good, use that as motivation to help you start too but don’t stress out a bout it because your brain might not work the same as theirs.

So I know I’m not a teacher and I haven’t been through the exams myself but I thought I would share a few tips and a lot of websites, apps and people who will be unbelievably helpful to you all in one post.

MOTIVATION – all I can say is think about when it’s over. Think about how fun summer is going to be sleeping, chilling and having fun with your friends once its all over. And think about results day. I would 100% recommend watching results day videos because when people get amazing grades it spurs me on so much to work hard and e that happy with my grades. For short term motivation food and rewards are going to be your best friend.

  1. You NEED to take breaks because your brain can’t take in so much information in one go. I think 25 minutes of work then a 5 minute break to go on your phone or eat is the best way to go.
  2. Turn your phone off and put it in another room because no matter how much self control you think you have, you don’t. You’ll get a message from you friend and just HAVE to check what it is and then end up on twitter for the next hour.
  3. Don’t revise on your bed. I’ve tried it and you just feel too relaxed and you’ll probably fall asleep. The best thing is a clean desk away from the distractions of your room (cause that Naked palette won’t help you pass your exams) and to tell your family to shush.
  4. Have a goal for each revision session, for example to learn a set of flashcards or get 70% next time you do the past paper.
  5. Past papers are so so useful because the same topics and kinds of questions will come up in the exams year after year.

Another tip I have is to find out what kind of learner you are. And write it down cause I’ve found out at least three times and forgotten. I used this one. It will help work out how you need to revise and what doesn’t work for you.

Highlighters are THE MOST useful stationery, apart from pens, because they help see what is important and make things stand out so you’re not just looking at one huge paragraph.

This won’t be for everyone but personally, I find revision songs really helpful because I learn lyrics SO easily after listening to them a few times. Would definitely recommend.

If you’re like me and move around a lot, cause I go between my parents houses, then your phone is your saviour cause you can test yourself on the bus or in the car or when you don’t have textbooks with you. Bitesize has flashcards so you can read the key information on your phone, Gojimo is great if you want to test your knowledge and if you’re studying a language (or want to make your own flashcards) then hit up Quizlet because it’s been so helpful for me to learn Spanish vocab.

Breaks from revision are needed and sometimes even retail therapy, you 700% need Unidays because you may have late night I’m so fed up of revision shopping sprees and it will give you student discount that makes your stress that little bit cheaper.

If you need motivation, inspiration or help, I find YouTube super useful. My favourite channel for English is Mr Bruff cause he’ll help you to understand quotes and think more deeply about the texts you’re doing. I love Primrose Kitten as she does really short videos about revision techniques, as well as science videos which I’m yet to watch but she’s so friendly and encouraging which is always needed. My favourite for not so much learning but motivation is Revision with Eve. I love Eve’s main channel but her revision videos are so so so needed because she talks about techniques and what you need to do for loads of subjects. Plus her results were incredible so that in itself motivates me. Whenever I watch her I’m always ready to get revising and work insanely hard.

For revision guides, I would recommend CGP because they have all the information compacted down and make everything so much easier to understand, plus they go the extra mile and will make you giggle too.

I hope this was a bit helpful and that exams aren’t stressing you out too much. If you need a chat feel free to DM me and let me (and everyone else) know your tips in the comments!

Ellie xo



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