Three To Try: Collection


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now but you know, I just can’t tear myself away from Netflix. I’ve finally done it though, I went out for a picnic in the middle of nowhere and now I have a brownie milkshake and I’m ready to talk makeup.

Collection is a brand that has a few majorly hyped products, like the Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Glam Crystals glitter liners, but the rest of the brand is quite underrated and there are some star products which don’t get talked about a lot. I have a lot from the brand and I do think that they have some amazing products, especially for the price. This is a start of a new series: three to try – I’ll be talking about brands, different products and there might also be a three to avoid post coming soon. And maybe Three I Want To Try too cause I’m a shopping addict. Quite a while ago I wrote Best Of posts for a lot of brands but my makeup collection has grown and changed and I feel like I know more now so here are three products to try from Collection.

ayyyThe Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit – £4.19
I’m gonna be honest this is nothing ground breaking or WOW I NEED TO TELL EVERYONE ASAP, it’s just a good contour. I use it most days and it is verrrry buildable so I tend to just dust a tiny bit on my cheekbones to give some definition and around the nose and chin too. You can build it up if you want a harsh contour although I’m not sure how that would look. The colour is quite warm toned but it just gives a natural warmth and nothing too omg she’s put way too much bronzer on. I can’t say much about the lasting time but I think this is a great affordable and natural contour, I used to love the highlight too but I’ve found way better ones since.

The Cream Puff in Fairy Cake
This one makes me SO SAD because they actually discontinued these. They’ve replaced them with the Velvet Kiss lip creams which I haven’t tried but I’ve heard good things about so probably should. But this was my favourite, even before liquid lipsticks were that much of a thing and I bloody love it. It’s so creamy and it’s ACTUALLY MOISTURISING but the colour, wow wow wow it is a GORGEOUS coral pinky shade which is bright but kind of understated (I think that’s the word) and is my favourite shade for summer. I feel like if you mixed Cream Cotton and Rosie from the new line it’s a bit like that. I know these are probably impossible to find now but they really were great and I thought I would mention it anyway, considering they only cost £2.99.

Top – Bottom: Eyeshadow Palette, Contour, Lip Cream
The Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze – £3.99
Probably my favourite of these three cause you gotta save the best til last – this is one of my favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes. The shadows are insanely pigmented and creamy and oh my god just dreamy in every way. There are a few different ones but the Nude Bronze caught my eye the most, I would love to try the Nude Rose one too! This palette is lacking in matte shades but considering there are 5 stunnnning shimmers I can tolerate that there is only the one boring skin toned matte colour. And this is only FOUR POUNDS so next time you go to buy Lindors just remember what you could be buying instead.

Food usually wins for me though.

Collection do SUCH good quality products, but don’t make the mistake of buying the completely wrong shade of the oh so popular concealer like I did. Let me know which other brands you’d like to see a Three To Try on or just general posts you want to see.

Ellie xo



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