Most Worn

IMG_8942I am constantly (and I mean constantly) browsing New Look New In or having a little look at Topshop’s summer collection. So yeah, I like clothes and buying new clothes. But we all have those items that we go back to again and again, that we wear daily, that probably don’t go in the wash as much as they should because you don’t want to not have the option of wearing them. So here are my top 5 items from my wardrobe that aren’t actually in there very much cause I’m usually wearing them.

Ribbed Tops – H&M do so many in so many colours and they are so easy to wear with a skirt, pinafore (like this), jeans, shorts. They are so useful and cheap and are definitely an essential in my wardrobe. I used to never wear long sleeved tops but now I wouldn’t be without them.

IMG_8950The Khaki Hoodie – soooo comfy and fluffy on the inside. This is sort of cropped but not too short and I wear this WAY too much but with jeans what better can you get? Plus it’s in khaki which is one of my favourite colours and if you want to channel A all you have to do is put the hood up. You need this for autumn and winter. And spring and summer.

Topshop Joni Jeans – who didn’t know this was coming. I honestly live in these jeans, either my black ones or my blue ones. They are the only jeans I wear which is a shame cause they are EXPENSIVE but they are so skinny and there are so many different sizes which is great for tiny over here. If anyone knows any cheaper high waisted skinny jeans please tell me because these can go a bit baggy and faded and just wrong after a while. I love how they can be dressed up or down and without these…oh dear.

PJs – I would be lying if I wrote this post and didn’t include my pyjamas because 99% of the time if I’m at home I’ll be wearing these. Primark do the best pyjama bottoms and oh so comfy and cute and sorry but I can’t pretend that I look glam all the time, or any of it.

Adidas Superstars – I know, I know, what basic teenage girl doesn’t own these shoes? But there’s a reason which is that they go with every outfit ever. I love that they are monochrome and the comfiest things and they’re pretty easy to clean if, for some reason, you’re like me and decide to go on a VERY muddy “run”  walk and get lost and get home with brown shoes. If I’m not at school, I am wearing these. And that isn’t even a joke.

What are your most worn items in your wardrobe? And don’t lie because you don’t look like a fashion blogger most of the time, I know.

Ellie xo



  1. Totally agree that Primark do the best pyjamas, even though ones from ASOS have been catching my eye just lately too! I’ve never tried Topshop jeans, as the sizes confuse me and I’m too lazy to figure it out haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

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