March Favourites


“Another *month* over, where do they go to, it’s a mystery?” I might start every monthly/yearly favourites with that song because for some reason it came back into my head today. Although so did what I think might be the Cbeebies bedtime song so obviously my brain is weird.

March has been a pretty great month and wow, I am excited that it’s spring and I can have picnics and ice cream and lie on the grass for no reason. And start revision for mocks woowoo! Today I have my favourites from March – some I have been loving since the start and some are quite recent since my birthday which I’ve just become obsessed with and used every day.

Lottie London Shimmer Squad Highlight Palette (full post here)
Wow, wow, wow wow wow. This is such a BEAUTIFUL highlight palette. My favourite shade is The Good Girl and I have worn this every. single. day. since I got it for my birthday. It’s £10 for this palette from Superdrug and it is SO underrated, I don’t understand why nobody talks about it? The formula is so creamy, glowy and long lasting.

Real Techniques Contour Brush
This goes with the highlight palette. I used to use this everyday to contour but I found that the brush I was using for highlight just wasn’t working. So I started using the Sculpting Brush for contour and this for highlight and it packs on the product so so well! You can’t go over the top and it’s the perfect size, I just love it.

Benefit Cream Eyeshadow in My Two Cents
Look at it – this is such an autumnal colour. But for some reason I’ve just worn it on my eyes loads this month along with some matte browns in the crease and outer corner and it is a stunning copper browny colour. It feels so creamy but it has a great colour payoff so it is worth the price tag because I haven’t found a similar cream eyeshadow in Boots or Superdrug.

So…? Vanilla Milkshake Body Spray
This is definitely something Year 6 Ellie would use but I can see why because IT SMELLS LIKE VANILLA. It’s not too overpowering but I have a soft spot for vanilla and it’s just sweet and smells like I’ve been baking…which I haven’t I’ve just been eating.

Harry Potter
Never ever did I think the day would come when I would include Harry Potter in a favourites post. Please don’t kill me but I had never watched the films before, other than the first one. I used to say that I didn’t like Harry Potter and it was really overrated. Then me and my brother watched the films and they are so gripping and interesting so I wanted to apologise to any HP fan I have offended because I was wrong. The films are actually pretty amazing.

Divide, Ed Sheeran
How many hours do you have? Because I could go on and on about this album, Ed did so well. One of the many reasons I love Ed Sheeran is because of how versatile he is – there isn’t a song on his album I didn’t love and they are all so different. He goes from a rap to the most catchy song you’ve every heard to an emotional, tear giving slow tune about his grandma. And don’t forget the Irish dancing. I find it so hard to pick but some of my favourites would have to be Happier and Dive, closely followed by Galway Girl, New Man, Perfect, Supermarket Flowers, Eraser and OBVIOUSLY Castle On The Hill. But I’m also completely obsessed with Barcelona because I love Spain and Ed sings in Spanish so what could be better?

Yes, I know all the lyrics to basically every song and yes it would take you years to count how many times I have listened to this album. If you haven’t listened to it, what are you still doing on this post? GO.

Sainsbury’s Double Chocolate Cookies
Probably the tastiest food ever. And they’re cheap.

Chai Latte
I still don’t know if these actually have coffee in but if they do then wow, who am I any more? We went to Costa at the station when I went out with my friends for my birthday. I had a MASSIVE tea but my friend had a Chai Latte and I tried it…now I’m a bit obsessed. I went to Starbucks and had one last weekend and I’m so glad it’s the holidays because I neeeeeed to go into town and have more. They smell like gingerbread and taste like tea and everything nice in the world. Yes yes yes, how had I not tried them before?

If you’re still reading this then well done, you had already listened to Divide. March was my birthday month and it was a great one so I had quite a few favourites. What did you love this month?

Ellie xo



    • Wow, I’m jealous I would love some more! I can’t believe it either. I can’t decide – I really do love ÷ and how different and amazing the songs are but some of the songs in × were quite special to me! What’s yours? xo

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      • My parents bought me some of the sets for Christmas which is how I have loads 🙂 ur collection will grow with time xx I think probably X will always be my favourite but I do love divide 🙂 I wish I could mash all of my favourite songs from each album into one epic album (not that the albums aren’t epic already) ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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