In A Fire I’d Save…

IMG_8878A lot of people may not know this about me but fires actually scare me a lot. I wouldn’t say it’s a massive fear but when I was younger I remember being scared even to light a match because of the fire. You need matches for candles though so 🙂 GAH IT MUST BE SO PAINFUL THOUGH.

Anyway today we’re not going to talk about fires too much because I can’t but if my house ever did burn down or catch on fire these would be the 5 things I would grab and run. This is a tag made by the lovely Gabriella and I haven’t been tagged but lol living life on the edge and writing it anyway. I also decided not to go for 10 things because I found it hard enough to pick 5. I’ll tag some of my favourite bloggers at the end if they want to do it but if you’re reading and want to do this then please do and let me know when it’s up

100% there is no question. If I had to save one thing OF COURSE IT WOULD BE MY CAT. We have lovely cuddles and she’s my little baby and I don’t know what I would do without her. It would be quite difficult because I know that if she wasn’t scared for her life hiding behind something she would no way in hell let me pick her up because she is one feisty cat. But I’ll find a way to not leave my cat in the burning house. Obviously I’m assuming my family can get out of the house themselves so I haven’t included them.

I don’t want to sound too materialistic but what would I do without my phone? I NEED it to call the fire brigade and let people know what’s happening and hopefully find somewhere to sleep. Plus my phone to me has all my photos, memories, friends that I can reach any time I need them so even though it has no storage and I don’t like it that much I would still save it.

I love my blanket, I basically live cuddled up to it. I got it a while ago from John Lewis as a present but the amount of money it was actually hurts. It’s so soft and would keep me warm and cosy. Plus the cat loves sleeping on it so they would go well together.

I just wanted to say that every single person will have a different one of these posts and some people might think literally and seriously about what they would need and some people might be really sentimental but personally I’m not that much of a sentimental person and I’m only 15 so I don’t have anything of that much sentimental value anyway. Saying that, I feel like if I had a LOT of time to kill (which I don’t really see how I would) I would grab some birthday cards because the messages are so sweet and remind me of my favourite people.

Cause even after a fire, you need to eat. And come on it’s me. I eat so much food and I love food so food would do a great job at comforting me once I’d been in a fire. Plus you don’t want to leave all those delicious oreos in your house to melt in the fire, what a waste.

I’d love to know what you’d save in a fire! I tag Katy, Petite Ellie, Grace Kate, Lauren, Jodie and Melissa, plus whoever else wants to write this cause I couldn’t think of people! I would love to write a post like this with my top 5 makeup or clothing items I would save in a fire so I think I might do that. If you have any post requests let me know!

Ellie xo



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