What I Got For My Birthday

This is a weird post this one – sometimes I get really excited to write it and other times I wonder why I’m writing it at all. But I did a poll on twitter a loooong time ago and most people want to see it so here we have (finally sorry) my What I Got For My Birthday post.

These are one of my favourites posts and videos because I LOVE being nosy and I just find it really interesting knowing what other people got for their birthdays. It also gives me inspiration for what to get my friends..or you know, what to treat myself to whoops.

Everyone starts these off with disclaimers but I just want to say I am SO grateful for every single card, present, chocolate I was given. Even if you tweeted me saying happy birthday, it made my day. I was completely and utterly spoilt by my friends and family and I got so many amazing gifts, as well as just having the best weekend EVER (read this). It’s now 8 days since my birthday so the excitement has started to die down and it’s really sad that I have to wait until next year for my birthday now.

BUT I’M 15. I still feel like an 11 year old though.

IMG_8820So like I said, I got so many amazing presents. I’m not going to completely talk through them all because so many words already but just give you a little look.

My parents and family all went together and bought me my new baby – MY LAPTOP. It’s an HP and I’m writing on it right now and god, the keyboard has the most satisfying sound. Not that that’s the most important thing to me. It’s fast and it’s really light so its perfect cause I go between my parents houses and my friends. I love blogging on a computer so much more than on a phone now so when my old one (which was only second-hand and borrowed anyway) broke I had no idea what to do. I am so so thankful for my parents for treating me to this, and for the rest of my family who chipped in.

IMG_8821Some other family members (and my boss) also got me LOADS of gift cards. Like I have so many now. And I am so excited for a shopping spree! If anyone asks you want you want and you don’t know, definitely ask for a One4All because they are so useful – you can use them in H&M, New Look, Primark, Boots, Debenhams, Topshop, WH Smith, literally everywhere. My mum also got me Ed’s Divide, although I got it early because there’s no way i could have waited, and the Half A Sixpence CD cause yep, still obsessed. One of my grandma’s got me this mahoosive photography guide book and my sister, as well as gift cards, got me a really sweet notebook with cameras all over it.

I am still getting over the amount of food I have. My friends bought me TEA BAGS FOR GODS SAKE, that’s how well they know me. I’m gonna be honest though and say that I barely have any food left, I have some oreos, some Thai Sweet Chilli crisps and a few loose Roses and Celebrations but you see the Dairy Milk Oreo bar in the photo? That’s almost gone already cause apparently I was a bit snacky tonight.

My friends were so kind and they bought me a heck load of stuff. One of my friends actually got me A KYSHADOW PALETTE. I am a bit wary to use it because she got it from Amazon, although I’ve watched loads of real VS fake videos and I still can’t tell. The eyeshadows are amazing though and I can’t believe she bought it for me! Then my group of closest friends got me loads of food, the most adorable T-Shirt that says Bee Nice (I made this pun before and she remembered how cute), face masks, highlighters for school, a couple of Soap & Glory sets, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and my favourite thing on the planet right now (maybe other than my laptop), THE LOTTIE LONDON SHIMMER SQUAD HIGHLIGHT PALETTE. Have a full review here because omejhewfj this is insane!

They also got me a rose gold sequin pillow case which I need to get a pillow for but I’m also really excited to use as a background for blog photos cause priorities.

I might have missed out a few things but there is a very excited Ellie’s birthday presents and I feel so lucky this year because I know I’ve said it but I was bloody spoilt rotten! Thank you so much everyone for making this such a good birthday, not only because of the gifts but because I got to see my favourite people ever for even more time.

A very old Ellie xo



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