IMG_8762IMG_8763One of my favourite makeup products EVER is highlight. I just love how pretty it is. For my birthday (what I got for my birthday on Tuesday, sorry) my friends like the legends they are bought me the Lottie London Shimmer Squad Palette. I had seen Sophdoesnails talk about it and she is actually the highlight queen, so I knew it would be good. Plus she said it was a dupe for the Anastasia Glow Kit which mateeeee, is glowy.

IMG_8757The packaging has adorable, sort of cardboard but magnetic packaging which is mostly monochrome with a few pops of pink. So right up my street. The palette itself comes with 4 shades: The Good Girl, The Flirt, The Troublemaker and The Queen Bee, plus a really decent sized mirror. My favourite shade is 100% The Good Girl (which is quite funny considering I’m a complete nerd, well mostly). It’s the perfect pink-toned, goldy champagne, just kind of highlight colour. It’s less gold than Mary Lou but also a bit lighter and it’s just the best shade for my pale skin. The Flirt is a copper, quite dark shade with gold shimmers which would look STUNNING on darker skin tones. It doesn’t work on me although I’ll try and get away with it in the summer and I think it would make a gorgeous eyeshadow. The Troublemaker is an almost metallic, bright silvery white shade which can be a bit harsh on its own but layered over one of the other shades gives SO MUCH GLOW. The last shade is The Queen Bee which is more of a subtle, pure gold shade.

The highlights have slightly different formulas for each: I find The Queen Bee isn’t quite as pigmented but the others are so so so pigmented. They are really buttery when you swatch them and especially The Good Girl and The Troublemaker are so intense, it is beautiful. I’ve been applying them with the Real Techniques Contour Brush, I know it isn’t contour, don’t hurt me. The Troublemaker is a little bit glittery but barely, none of them have chunky glitter in, they just have a little bit of shimmer that gives the best most metallic sheen.

TOP – BOTTOM: The Good Girl, The Flirt, The Troublemaker, The Queen Bee
If you put the tiniest bit on, they could count as natural, but these DEFINITELY are more intense, glowing to the Gods kind of highlights and I’m so in love.

Another thing I love about these is that they actually stay on!! I can put one on in the morning and by the time I get home from school it will still be visible on my cheeks, obviously not quite as bold but it’s still there. The only complaint I really have is that the packaging could be better quality, but then I like how light and not bulky it is, and that it’s quite small so it can fit in my bag.

IMG_8765I’m so happy my friends got me this because it’s my new holy grail highlight. Obviously I’ll never stop loving Mary Lou because SLAY, but for a budget price this is just as good – and you get 4 shades. I can’t believe nobody talks about it! I’m so grateful that my friends bought me this because I love trying out makeup and I’ve found a new obsession. LESSON: Always listen to Sophie’s recommendations. This is only £10 from Superdrug. I KNOW!

Ellie xo



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