The Pink Fashion Inspiration

Spring is in six days – SIX DAYS. (My birthday is also the first day of spring but shh Ellie) And my favouritest favourite colour at the moment is pink, oh how I’ve changed. So I thought I would pick the cutest of the pink clothes in shops at the moment and put them into a little Pic Collage and inspire you to do some PINK spring and summer shopping WOO.

I keep saying woo today and I don’t know what is happening to me.

But you may have seen my last fashion post was a pink jumper and my two new favourite tops are both pink – I’m not planning on stopping any time soon.


  1. Pink Leather Look Mini Skirt – £19.99
  2. Missguided Pink Vice High Waisted Jeans – £20
  3. H&M Cropped Top – £9.99
  4. H&M V Neck Dress – £12.99
  5. Monki Oversized Denim Jacket – £50
  6. H&M Loose Fit Trousers – £8.99
  7. New Look Pink Funnel Neck Cropped Jumper – £24.99
  8. H&M Rose Pleated Dress – £19.99
  9. New Look Bardot Top – lost it
  10. New Look Pink Matte Anorak – £34.99
  11. New Look Pink Floral Embroided Leather Look Skirt – £17.99
  12. Adidas Boxy T-Shirt Pink – £23.00 (similar cause this one has also decided to disappear wow I’m having one of those days)
  13. H&M Printed T-Shirt – £8.99
  14. Topshop Je Suis Sweatshirt – £29
  15. Topshop Long Sleeve Choker Top – £19
  16. New Look Mid Pink Slogan Print Hoodie – £19.99

My favourite is most probably the skirt at number 1 because I really really want to start wearing skirts more and it’s pink! I also really like the top at 15 cause I love chokers so putting it in a top is perfect for lazy old me and the hoodie at 16 even though it went in the sale and sold out but it just looks warm and cosy, you know? Although not really spring appropriate. Other than the pink leather skirt, the next thing I will be buying from this is the dress at 4 and okay, I may have cheated a little bit because technically it’s burgundy and not pink BUT LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS – I think it would be perfect for all the birthday meals I have coming up. And it is *kind of* pink. But it’s out of stock so that just makes me sad.

Let me know if you found this useful or enjoyed seeing my picks (or if I’ve made you spend money and you’re annoyed cause I love being an enabler)! I can definitely do more of these or include homeware and makeup bits too if you liked this so let me know what you think and if you want me to do more. Also if so then what colour next? Purple maybe? Baby blue?

Ellie xo

PS if anyone ever feels like giving me a lesson on those sophisticated, cool wishlist things people do that are clickable and don’t have a watermark at the bottom (I’m a kid okay) then please help, many thanks xo



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