How Much Is My Face Worth?


I’ve just been constantly listening to Ed’s new album for the last 48 hours and I really don’t want to stop, even if it distracts me from writing a post.

Barcelona makes me miss Spain so much though.

Right, so I’ve seen this post floating around quite a lot recently so I thought it would be a really interesting one to write, both for me so I can see how much I am spending every time I do my makeup and for you cause you can see that and a face of the day at the same time.

img_1780Mine will probably be a bit less than most people’s because I don’t wear foundation or blush so hello twenty pounds, I missed you. Also apparently on this day I decided to make life even harder for myself by using minis as well as full sized products. I start off by trying to sort out my face using Benefit Porefessional. This is a REALLY tiny one, like me size, so I’m pretty sure we were given it for free but I do have a normal sized mini too and from what I can tell that would be about £9.95. I also used lots and lots of the Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer (£4.99) cause MATE I’ve had a whole week at school, I’m definitely a wee bit tired (sorry I tried to be Scottish it won’t happen again.) For other face products this is so boring cause I always do the same thing but I’m just contouring with the Collection Contour Kit (£4.19) then adding some mini Benefit High Beam (£5.00) cause I like to be annoying but this gives the most beautiful light glowy sheen and helps highlight to stay on better. Of course, then it’s my favourite part – The Balm Mary Lou Manizer (£16.00). I NEED some glow and some highlight and some wow so this is my favourite product ever.

Eyes time! I’m completely obsessed with the shade One More Piece from the I Heart Chocolate Palette (£8.00) as it’s the perfect crease shade. I also added some What A Way To Go as it’s a beautiful burgundy. On my lids I used the really basic 3rd and 4th shade from the Freedom Pro 12 Audacious 3 Palette (£4.00) just to cover veins and add some pink. Now for the fun and very uneven part – EYELINER! I haven’t worn winged eyeliner in so so so long but for some reason I just chose to and I love how confident and sassy it made me feel. Also I couldn’t really be bothered to do proper eyeshadow but let’s ignore that. I just did little flicks, well sort of, on each eye using Soap & Glory Supercat (£6.00) and I love how black and easy to use this is. How it hasn’t dried out yet I have no idea. I also used the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (£8.00) because it gives amazing length and volume and what is a makeup look without eyelashes, right?

img_1777For lipstick I used my current favourite – the bold, matte and beautiful dark browny nude that every girl loves. Yes MAC Whirl Lipstick (£16.50) tops this look off perfectly and I love the simple but basic look that this ended up with.

This all adds up to £82.63 which is actually a lot less than I thought it would be? I didn’t include brushes as that would just be confusing but only a few of these products were high end and even then, there were minis but just imagine if I had worn a Naked palette that would be an extra £40. I will definitely do this post again in around a year so I can see how my makeup has changed and how much I’m spending then and now. Hope you enjoyed and I’d love to know how much your face is worth.

Also, here’s a full review of the Chocolate Palette and Mary Lou Manizer cause you know you want to go shopping now.

Ellie xo


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