The £5 Sweater

I love jumpers. They’re warm, cosy, always look good and oh, they’re cosy. I just love them. I was out shopping with my friends recently, I was in Primark and I found a display with loads of sweaters and THEY WERE £5 EACH!

Excuse the 2013 blog style photo cause I need to find someone to take decent outfit shots for me but not only is this jumper CHEAP and soft but it’s also PINK.

I think it’s the perfect colour and style for spring because we all know that British weather is still pretty chilly until June basically but you still have some colour. It’s a bit ironic that I’m wearing a jumper that says ‘2458 likes’ when I can’t even keep up my personal Instagram and my blog one I just remembered that I deactivated since I hadn’t posted in months and couldn’t really be bothered to keep up with it, but I still can’t decide if I should start over with a new account or just not bother? I’ve read so many posts recently about 80:20 blogging where you should put a lot of effort into social media and promotion as well as just writing and photographing…so let me know what you think I should do.

That’s not what this post is about though, I was trying to tell you about jumpers!

When I went into the fitting rooms (I’m so used to calling them changing rooms cause school) I had three different shell pink-y sweaters to try, so you can tell I’m excited for spring. If pink isn’t your colour though, there are honestly so many different jumpers about at the moment. And for that cheap, how can you really say no?

You can’t link Primark stuff but I wore this gorgeous Insta-worthy (but not for me whoops) jumper with my Topshop Joni Jeans and someone really needs to help me with what to write in fashion posts.

It’s not like I don’t have enough jumpers…I basically have one for whatever mood I’m in. You know me though, any excuse for shopping and I’m there. PS Let me know if you want to see a room tour!

Ellie xo



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