Success Is Relative

img_1447I never thought I’d be writing this post. But when you know why you’ll be all “What? That’s stupid. You’re getting that excited over that tiny amount.” But yeah, that’s basically the point.

I hit 100 followers on my blog (plus I’m nearing it on Bloglovin). And yeah, I know that there are so many bloggers out there with 100s and 1000s (no not the sprinkles) of followers, some even millions.

I’ve been blogging for years, although I would probably say I started blogging seriously in January 2015. And for such a long time, I was writing and I was photographing and more writing, but nothing. I had no followers except for myself and I’ve mentioned this in a few posts recently but I remember so well writing a post saying hello, is anyone there, I feel like I’m writing for no reason blah blah blah.

So the fact that people read something that started out as a joke with a friend and is now one of my favourite things to do, it makes me so happy! Replying to comments is my favourite favourite thing so feel free to leave them. I want to thank you SO much for 100 followers because it means the world to me and only me.

I heard this quote from Beauty Spectrum but I COMPLETELY agree. Success is relative – we had an English Lit exam that we recently got our results back for and I got a 7- which to some people might seem amazing and to some people might seem not so great. To me, I was really happy because (well cause I’m competitive but sshh) I really don’t like English Lit and I find it hard to prepare for and especially Shakespeare its just not something I love doing, so to get a 7- when the highest is a 9 was quite good for me. (This is the new GCSE grading by the way, a 9 is like an A** and a 7 is an A.) But that’s what I mean, that was success to me and it might not be to others. Success is relative.

I hit my first milestone. It’s something I never imagined happening when I started blogging and to most of you I sound completely stupid right now but maybe one or two of you with smaller blogs will understand. This isn’t friends who I have forced to follow my project, this is people I don’t know who choice to press the follow button to read my work. I feel more motivated and happy with blogging than ever and I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about micro-bloggers and micro-influencers and I would definitely say that is me but I love that I engage with my readers and I can talk to you like we’re friends. Of course, I love love LOVE beauty and fashion and writing about them but also what would blogging be to me if I couldn’t let my crazy little personality help with the writing?

I’m rambling like I always do but please live by this quote because honestly it does not matter if everyone around you is getting As and you’re getting Cs or if all the other bloggers are hitting 3000 followers and you have 72. Because as long as you’re doing what makes you happy and proud, then you are succeeding and everybody works at different rates.I also want to say that no, numbers aren’t important and please don’t think that I only care about the amount of followers because I do blogging cause I love it.

Success is relative. (Please say I’ve drilled that into your brain enough.)

Ellie xo



  1. Success is relative, but it also is hard work and requires patience. I am glad you are happy with the number of followers (and I can see the number has gone up since you wrote the post).
    Stay grounded and things will work out for sure.

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