Products I Need To Give More Love

I have a loooot of makeup. And it may not be much compared to some but still – its a lot. I get in a really bad habit where I basically ONLY use my holy grail products and my everyday makeup and don’t branch out or go through my drawers and try something different. So here’s a shop my stash kind of post where I’m going to try and use the products that I mention and see if I make any rediscoveries or find anything really old to get rid of. Also the day this is going up is Valentines Day and since my Valentine is my wifi I thought this would be another way of giving love to products (ok sorry I’ll go…)

Maybe cause it’s a tiny size so I don’t want to use it but the packaging is adorable and from what I can tell, this really really is brightening and makes a nice dewy canvas for base makeup. Since we’re going into spring soon, I’m gonna try to use this more.

This is another more summery product but I just honestly never use it. It is a bit orangey but cause it’s not too pigmented and is quite natural I can deal with that. Honestly all I ever use is my Collection Contour Kit as a bronzer and contour so I should really start branching out with others.

I have this in On and On Bronze and its definitely my favourite cream eyeshadow! This is pretty much the same formula although it does seem a bit less creamy, but DAMN the colour is GORGEOUS! It’s the most beautiful cranberry/pomegranate shade with gold shimmer and it really is metallic. You have to build this up a bit more than the bronze one but when you do it is the prettiest cranberry eyeshadow and I don’t know why I don”t use this enough but I’m going to try and hopefully I’ll give this the love it deserves because LOOK AT IT.

I’ve said this before but I got this from Poundland so I can’t find it anywhere online but this was my favourite lip product ever in the summer as I somehow thought it was natural (like when I thought my Collection concealer was the right shade then noticed I was basically a pumpkin). The formula is super creamy and I love that it twists up so you don’t have to bother with blunt pencils or sharpeners. The shade is definitely more out there than I used to think and it’s a hot pink but it works well as a lip liner and stays on well, I just need to be more brave and try to get away from my nudes and browns.

I’m not very good when it comes to products like this and That Gal that you really have to remember to use and there are different options of how to use it. This actually gives a really pretty natural pinky sheen, whether you use it on your lips or as a blush, but I just sort of forget its there. I have naturally very blushed cheeks anyway so I tend to use it more on my lips but it is perfect if you want more than a lip balm but less than a lipstick.

I got in a complete mascara rut where I was only ever using my Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Now its run out I’m using Maybelline Lash Sensational instead but I’m still only using that as my everyday mascara and I never use anything else. Thick & Fast with Lash Sensational used to be my go to mascara combo but I think I just stopped using this. It actually gives your lashes a lot of thickness and length so I do like it, plus the packaging is gold so! I think this is just another product that I do really like but I just stick with my everyday makeup and I need to start using more.

Hopefully now that I’m actually going to use these products, plus the many others I neglect because of my love for my favourites, you’ll see them in more posts, maybe even a favourites. Do you do the same as me or do you experiment with your makeup more?

Ellie xo



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