My Affordable & Natural School Makeup

img_5851-editedimg_5849img_5852So to start off my school makeup I apply this gold glitter on my eyes and bake my contour. Okay but don’t worry I am kidding! We do not have time for that at 8 in the morning, we want to stay in bed AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. I asked on twitter what post I should write and people seemed to want to see a school makeup look…well only 3 people have voted right now but they all voted for this so!

I know everyone does their makeup diferently, I have friends who wear no makeup, friends who cake their face in foundation and friends that just do eyebrows and mascara. Everyone is different and in a way I would say my look is natural but then compared to some not really. I don’t wear foundation, not just at school but ever. (Until recently) my skin is pretty good and I don’t have the effort to blend it then keep powdering throughout the day. Oh well, everyone’s different right?

I don’t do all this makeup every day because honestly my eyes can’t stay open in the early mornings. Sometimes I don’t have time for eyeshadow and sometimes I just go for concealer and mascara, but this is everything that I pick and mix from (I really fancy some pick and mix now…)

As I said I don’t wear foundation so I’m starting with my holy grail concealer – Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer. I mainly use this under my eyes but I also use a bit on the Real Techniques Detailer Brush to go over the many spots that are poking out of my face right now. You may think this is over the top but I also like to give my face some definition so I’m not modelling a double chin all day so I contour with the Collection Highlight & Sculpt Kit. Ready for my favourite part? GLOW. You really will think this is over the top but I use Mary Lou Manizer which is the only not cheap product in here. I seriously love it and I feel so much healthier at school with just a natural little bit of highlight on.

Onto EYES: I’ve been digging the shade Chopper from Naked 2 for school recently (oh God I said digging, everyone else sounds cool when they say it…why?). This is meant to be an affordable look though so instead I’ll be a true student and use the Freedom Pro 12 Audacious 3 Palette. I really like this because it has some beautiful natural pinky tones. There are so many different looks from here too, they aren’t really long lasting but my eyes are an awkward shape so no eyeshadow seems to be other than ones that cost me the same as my coat. I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, which I mentioned in my January Faves, to give my lashes some length and volume.

For lips I really don’t do anything fancy. I usually do nothing full stop but if I do it will be a lip balm: either a Baby Lips or the Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm because they stop my lips from being a dry mess and they give a bit of colour.

There we go, that’s it! Do you go to school or work and do you wear makeup? I’d love to know.

Ellie xo



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