The Payday Inspiration

It’s the end of the month! That means payday. Well not really for me because I only have a little job that I work at a shop once or twice a week (but more in the holidays) so it’s not quite as exciting for me. We did used to be able to be paid whenever we wanted but our boss decided he wanted to pay everyone at the same time so now I have the end of the month money like everyone else. I just found out that the last day of the month actually isn’t payday but still if you wanna splurge then here you go, or you could save this post and then these might be in the sale by then. Someone tell me when payday actually is please!

Obviously, save your money and all that! I wish I could and I’m really really trying, I haven’t spent any yet but these are the things I am really eyeing up and might have to blow my saving for an iPod or iPhone on.

Here’s a mix of clothes and makeup that I really want to splurge on and I’m hoping you do too.

My favourites are probably 13 and 14 because DAMN I’m obsessed with hoodies and burgundy and I also love the stripey top. If someone wants to buy me the palette at 9 or the ring at 6 then that would be great! I actually have an ASOS gift voucher which I could get some of this with, maybe some cheeky ill retail therapy is needed.

  1. John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray –£6.99
  2. ASOS Rivington High Waist Jeans – £18
  3. Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette – £10
  4. Pull & Bear Short Sleeve Striped T-Shirt – £5.99
  5. New Look Lace Up Crop Top – £9.99
  6. ASOS Rose Gold Open Heart Ring – £10
  7.  Pull & Bear Alien T-Shirt – £12.99
  8. Little Miss Princess Travel Mug – £4.95
  9. I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette – £7.99
  10. ASOS A Line Mini Skirt with Scallop Hem – £20
  11. Spectrum A10 Small Fan Brush – £4.99
  12. ASOS Rivington High Waist Denim Jeans – £16.50
  13. ASOS Clean Rib Stripe Crop Top – £8
  14. New Look Burgundy Cropped Hoodie –
  15. Pull & Bear Go Away Floral T-Shirt – £12.99
  16. Pull & Bear Oversized Hoodie – £19.99

I wanted to write a spring wishlist kinda post but I figured since it has just turned February it might be a bit early. So I decided to write my first payday inspiration post, I hope you enjoyed it and I can do more if you did.

I’ve inspired you to buy nice things – please inspire me to buy the revision books I need, thanks. Happy spending!

Ellie xo


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