January Favourites 2017

normalimg_5835img_5844HEY! How is January basically over already? 1 month down, 11 to go, it’s scary. January has been a pretty good month if I’m honest and I’ve been excited to write this post for pretty much the whole month because there are so many things I’m completely obsessed with! So expect lots of ranting and capital letters ahh.

ALSO, this is the third January favourites post I’ve written – I don’t write favourites posts every month because I don’t have enough favourites for that but my first ever collab post was a January favourites rightttt at the beginning of 2015, then one at the beginning of 2016, and now 2017 so that’s pretty crazy how much has changed.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
I’ve already got a whole post up about this because I love it so much. But honestly this has to be the best highlight I’ve tried. The pigmentation is FAB and I love that it isn’t glittery but just gives a beautiful sheen to your cheeks. It’s not the most long lasting but I’m going to try using a liquid highlight or primer underneath and see if that makes a difference. This is STUNNING though, I love the packaging, the colour is perfect and I just look so glowing when I wear this and the amount of compliments I’ve had! You need this in your life, no arguments.

MAC Whirl Lipstick
I got this for Christmas and obviously it was one of my favourite presents because I love love LOVE my MAC lipsticks. This is the shade I had wanted for ages and damn girl it is beautiful. It’s the most stunning dark brown, sort of nude but not really. It’s quite similar to Velvet Teddy (aka my fave lipstick of all time) but just a bit darker, sassier and less pinky toned. I think it suits me (not to be modest or anything), the colour payoff is beautiful and it lasts well. It’s a matte shade which is my favourite but that does mean it can be drying so make sure you apply lip balm first. Sorry for making you spend money.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Something not so new to my makeup stash but still amazing is THE raved about, obsessed over Maybelline mascara. I’m sure this was in so many 2016 favourites and I really love it actually. I was so hooked on my Benefit They’re Real mascara that when I ran out I didn’t know what to do with myself, other than sparingly use whats left of my mini version and wait until my birthday. I randomly picked this up near the end of the month and put it on and I forgot how good it was. I did always like it but I usually used it with other mascaras. It makes your lashes look so long, curly and volumised I can’t believe I stopped using it really. An amazing rediscovery.

The New Look Hoodie
This one. I’m completely and utterly obessed. It’s definitely my favourite clothing item I’ve had this year, but then that’s kinda easy. It’s khaki which is one of my favourite colours, plus it makes my hair look blonder, it looks so good on. It actually is a good length instead of claiming to be cropped then going down to my knees #smallpeopleproblems. The inside is the softest, cosiest thing and I basically want to wear it every day. So much that I’m really really tempted to get it in red too.

Half A Sixpence
Okay well you probably don’t (or maybe do if you’ve read my blog for a while) how much I love drama, acting, musicals, and all that jazz. For our Christmas present my grandma bought me, my mum and my brother tickets to go with her to see Half A Sixpence and I was so grateful but I didn’t know if it would be my favourite. I WAS SO WRONG. The show was so so so so so incredible, the amount of energy and talent they had scared me a bit, I could never do that? The main actor is hot so talented, he will be a star I’m tellling you but HES MINE and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all month. Probably my favourite non-makeup fave of the month.

Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You & Castle On The Hill
My fave Ed  released not one new song, but two! I have loved Ed Sheeran for a long time and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE 3RD MARCH FOR HIS NEW ALBUM!! Castle On The Hill is the most beautiful, unique song and Shape Of You is so catchy and I dance to it in the shower all the time. Listen if you haven’t already (if so I’m disappointed).

Gilmore Girls
I’m actually SO annoyed I almost forgot to include this, and I don’t understand how. I’m obsessed with this show, I’ve watched it so fast cause I think I started it mid January, I’ve had school and I’ve been busy most weekends, yet I’m already on Season 3. The show is hilarious and I love Rory and Lorelai so so so much. Michel is me (as I said in my facts post) and it’s hilarious, emotional and just the perfect feel good show to watch with a cup of tea.

Pitta Flatbreads with Nutella
Probably only me that includes something like this in their monthly favourites but I’m just being truthful. Normal pittas are great but these ones, the folded ones that are crisp and easy. Corrrrr with a bit too much nutella inside it tastes like a pancake/waffle/something that means I should be going to the gym but don’t obviously. Eat one. Oh wait you can’t so eat loads. You’re welcome New Years Resolutions!

Right, my cat is curled up on the blanket next to me so I need to go and attack her (by that I mean cuddle duh). Let me know what your January favourites were and if any were the same as mine!

Ellie xo


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