10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

img_5785You know what? I love talking makeup, beauty, fashion and everything like that but sometimes I just like to sit down and let the crazy, hyper me get a turn on here.


I can’t write short Q&As or even tags where you have to include facts because I ramble so much and just chat crap most of the time. So here are “10 facts” about me, after which you’ll probably know my whole life story. I’m also going to try and make these interesting instead of just “I have a cat” which you already know because I always talk about her – basically my best mate.

  1. Simples but I take my tea not too weak, not too strong with two sugars. How healthy.
  2. I look bald when I have my hair up but cmon when I wear it the same way every day it gets boring and I want to change it up. And then cause my hair is so boring and straight even if I sleep in plaits my hair goes straight on one side after 10 minutes . And I’m left with one side still curly.
  3. Another thing where one side is different to the other – one eye has really good long lashes and the other is a total fail.
  4. I used to be a complete BOOKWORM and now I never read any more, whoops.
  5. I’ve only ever done one blog post where products were sent to me from a brand and that was this Seventeen post, although I wasn’t paid for it or made to do it. And I’ve never done a sponsored or paid post lol #notablogger
  6. I eat so much unhealthy food, so much. Oh and its literally impossible for me to order clothes because I’m so small and fussy that I always end up sending stuff back. Like the hoodie I ordered, was so excited for and then don’t like.
  7. Instagram, just how? I pretty much manage to keep up with my personal instagram, maybe posting once a month, but can’t even think about a blog Instagram (although I do have one if you want to follow it). The last time I posted on there was 23 weeks ago so you can see from that…
  8. Michel from Gilmore Girls is ME.
  9. What a nerd I am like I don’t LOVE school but I do work and I am just a nerd really.
  10. Today is my first time of ever scheduling tweets (who is proud?!), I’ve thought about it before but just never had the effort, but I decided I needed to because all I tweet is random thoughts like “friends that appreciate your cat are worth keeping” and “matching your socks to your jumper is so satisfying”. Although to be honest at the weekend I had burgundy socks and a burgundy jumper on and I felt SO GOOD. Try it!

Well I hope you learned something or laughed or shook your head at why you were reading this  and enjoyed this post.Let me know what else you want to see!

Ellie xo


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