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Wow. Can we talk about how photogenic these products are? The gold packaging is so beaut but is what’s inside good? I’d be surprised if you didn’t know but my Twitter used to be a Joe (& Zoe) Sugg fan account, so I’ve always had a love for YouTube. I don’t fangirl about it so much any more but I definitely still watch it. I think it’s incredible how YouTube has grown and creators like Tanya and Zoe have their own beauty lines now. In December I was opening Tanya’s advent calendar and trying out her products so I thought I’d bring you a review and let you know if I think they are worth buying.


Top – Bottom:  Ice Crystals, Treasured, Candy Cane, Berry Pavlova, Christmas Stocking

Lip Glosses
I’m definitely NOT a lip gloss girl. But I actually like these because, although they are quite sticky, they have a great colour payoff and don’t get stuck to your hair (ewwww). The shade Candy Cane is a bright pink and isn’t really my colour but I like Berry Pavlova as its more of a casual red lip. I find it looks a bit OTT if I apply a thick amount all over my lips, I think I was thinking I was using liquid lipstick, but if you apply a small amount and dab it (if you dabbed then get back to 2k16…) around my lips.

Matte Lip
Ah liquid lipsticks, the biggest makeup trend in FOREVER. I remember when Tanya first released hers and I was desperate for Martha Moo but it went out of stock. As for the mini of Christmas Stocking, it’s a beautiful Taylor Swift red  and I’m quite impressed. It doesn’t feel sticky or drying at all. It was hard to apply and I got it everywhere but I feel like if you used a lip brush you would get away with it. I can’t speak for the lasting power but my mum did make me come downstairs and eat a snack and it’s barely budged other than a tiny bit on the inside. But update: these are impossible to remove!

Left – Right: Glitters and Gold, Sleigh Bells & Glitter Rain

Nail Polishes
As for the nail polishes, I have mixed opinions. I’m really not too keen on the shade Glitters and Gold because the glitter is too big for my liking and it doesn’t look too great. But Glitter Rain (the silver one) is really pretty fine glitter and I think it would look perfect over a red or even a neutral shade as an accent nail. Sleigh Bells is a really nice glittery red colour and with one coat you could use it over a matte red or if you use two or three coats you can get a bold shimmery red nail polish. I’m not sure how easily these chip but I’ll let you know when I’ve tried them out a bit more but in general I’m quite impressed with the silver and red.

Glitter Liners
I have never used a glitter liner before so I really didn’t know what to expect. But these are actually stunning and I felt so festive when I had them on (I know it’s nearly the end of January but I’m still mourning Christmas and New Year okay!!) They come up with quite a bold colour straight away and the glitter isn’t too uncomfortable either. They look beautiful on top of winged liner and I’m excited to try out a cut crease with them too. One thing I need to say is you NEED to sit with your eyes shut and let them dry for probably 2 minutes. Because if you don’t then your black eyeliner and glitter will smudge all on the top of your eyelid as they can be pretty wet, you’re welcome for the warning. I would love to do a post about how to wear glitter liner with a few different looks, so if you’d like to see that let me know!

Shimmer Pots
Can I just say I’m SO proud I haven’t dropped these all over my carpet yet, the stopper thingies are so useful! I have two shades – snow day which is a white shade with holographic glitters, and champagne sparkle which is a gold with gold, black, brown shimmers. these apply well and I have no glitter glue so I used lip balm but it works pretty well! These have a lot of fallout (fell onto my laptop when I was looking at it so that says something) so I would definitely not recommend doing your face makeup first because it will be completely covered in glitter. But overall these are really pretty and I’ll be using them for parties, Halloween and when my favourite time of year comes again 😦 PS if you have it, Snow Day works so well on top of highlight if you want to be more out there!

And there we go, overall I was pretty impressed with Tanya’s products as I hadn’t tried anything before. My favourites have to be the lip glosses or the glitter liners which is surprising as they are two products I don’t usually use. I don’t think there’s anything here that is going to become part of my everyday makeup but I think it’s really good to try products and have a bigger range to help vary my makeup looks and help me learn how to do makeup well. Have you tried any of Tanya’s range?

Ellie xo



  1. Haha I loved this post!! Great job, I’ll definitely try some out asap! And about the packaging- so aesthetic, damn!! 😆❤
    Keep hustling x


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