Confidence & Style Chat


I have THE most boring style, all I wear is jeans and jumpers, as you will know if you’ve read my fashion favourites of 2016. And I don’t really have any new years resolutions, but one of my goals is to find my style and become more comfortable and confident with wearing colour and dresses and skirts, everything like that, as well as with my makeup. So today I have a sort of outfit post, and sort of just a little chat about fashion, style, confidence.

Because I’m pretty confident and loud, TRUST ME. But I’m not the greatest at wearing interesting outfits, and I want to change that. This weekend I went to London (wooo) to see a show and go for a meal with the famalam (that was sarcastic I’m sorry) so I thought you know what, for once I want to make more of an effort. I wore a dress to something that wasn’t a party or special ocassion. That must be the first time that’s happened in years.

The photos did not turn out how I wanted them to at all, but I suppose that’s okay. My leg looks about 2 times as wide because I’m standing in front of a tree, and the only photo where I didn’t look like a waitress, I was doing my hair. Good one Ellbobs. Seriously though, this dress.


I never thought I’d wear a pink cord pinafore after the age of 6 but I was wrong. It totally reminds me of the cord jeany trousers I remember wearing to a Brownies Bring and Buy Sale. My stepmum showed it to me for £9 in the New Look sale, yep £9. And I am so so so in love. I prefer how it looks with my stripey H&M top that I wore it with on NYE but on this day I wore it with a black and white stripey Primark top which I do also think looks cute. Plus obviously my favourite khaki ASOS coat which doesn’t really go but its too cold so. But this outfit does really inspire me to buy skirts and dresses and well I’m not quite ready for jumpsuits yet, but BRING ON 2017. This is gonna be the year I find my style and rock it and I am so excited to spend all the money I’m meant to be saving for a new phone on cute ass clothes other than jeans  and write up some BEAUTIIFUL outfit posts.

If you really want to be a bad influence feel free to send me clothes you think I should buy and I’ll make sure to update you on here with any 2017 Ellie outfits. But don’t worry I will still be doing those jumper and jeans outfit posts because ya girl can’t look older than 10 every day.

Ellie xo



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