The Random & Fashion Faves of 2016

ggAnother year over, where do they go to, it’s a mystery. *if you get what that is from we can be BFFs*. This year went so quickly but so slow at the same time, read this. Today I have my random and fashion favourites from 2016, let’s go.


Two of the best TV shows. I love GG for some reason, it’s so gripping and girly and we all just want to be Blair’s best friend don’t we. HIMYM is the most recent programme I finished and I loved it but the ending was SO ANNOYING, which my friends did warn me but I still watched. There were times when I laughed so much, and times like when Barney ahhvbbhebj where my eyes gave in and I started crying.


The actual queens of YouTube, my girls have come so far and I’m so proud. I’ve watched Eve for over a year I’m not exactly sure, and Molly since some time in the summer. What actual lads, so down to earth and real and hilarious, I feel like their friends when I watch them. Molly’s weekly vlogs though YES.


I love food a bit too much so how could I NOT mention it in a yearly favourites. Exactly. Coco Pops bars are basically chocolate, cereal, sugar, and more chocolate so for someone as unhealthy as me you just cannot get better. And they sell them in Poundland so don’t worry about that resolution to be healthier cause YOU NEED TO TRY THEM. And tea, what can I say?


I’m really not interesting in terms of style. I wear the same things over and over and its always jeans and a jumper, as you can tell from the clothes I wear all the time. Firstly is my jungle shorts which I actually bought in 2015 but wore to DEATH all summer and whenever the sun came out. They look so effortless and cute and they are a little harder to style than denim shorts but if you wear them with white or grey its adorable. And they are so much more comfy – I’m really hoping New Look do some similar ones next summer. I’ve also worn the green jumper from Pull & Bear SO much this year. The inside is fluffy meaning its the softest and cosiest jumper to ever exist. It looks oversized but not too much and green is the perfect colour because its more out there than black but still subtle colour. I bought it in January and its safe to say it’s been with me whenever I went away and is definitely my most worn jumper of the year.

A couple of other basic and still not interesting things I loved all of 2016 were my Joni Jeans (although they’re actually annoying me now because they’ve gone really baggy). I wore my black ones pretty much every day for the first half of the year, then I bought a blue pair and wore those pretty much every day for the second half of the year, and when I wasn’t I was wearing my black ones. So I’ve worn these jeans SO MUCH and they are an investment but I’m going to find some cheaper ones in 2017 because I need to save for a new phone and they’re £36. Obviously my last fashion favourite (I mean I’m the least fashionable beauty and fashion blogger but oh wells) is going to be the shoes that I’ve been obsessed with since I got them for my birthday in March. The Adidas Superstars in black and white because they go WITH EVERYTHING. And they’re comfy and amazing, okay?

That’s it – I’ve done a beauty favourites, a talk through the year and now random and fashion favourites are done too. I’m so happy to put 2016 behind me. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017.

Ellie xo



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