Best In Beauty 2016

Top – Bottom: Burgundy, Pink and Gold from Sleek Storm Palette, then MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick. Left: Seventeen Highlight

Where has 2016 gone though? One minute it was January, the next minute September, and suddenly its the end of December? You can stop playing mind games now. Today I have a post which I remember so well posting last year, and that’s my favourites from the WHOLE YEAR. How is this possible? Obviously, I had to pick out the products that I have loved and used the most the whole year, so if you’ve been on my blog before you most likely will recognise them from my rambles. I don’t want this post to be too repetitive so I’ll try to keep it short but you know what I’m like.

I so remember the days when I raved about this in every single post. I haven’t used it for the last few months of the year because all 3 of mine ran out (yes thats how obsessed I was) and for some reason I was being tight and decided I wouldn’t  buy a new one until, I found it for a pound. This lip balm is insanely good at keeping your lips hydrated and not chapped, you need it in your life, especially in winter.

What a surprise, I’m talking about this mascara. This goes in every single one of my makeup looks and its been in a good few favourites too. It’s my favourite mascara ever as it gives such a nice length and volume to your lashes, without making them too clumpy. They don’t look really fake but its more than just natural. I feel like this just really suits my eyes and my eyelashes so I don’t mind that it’s a bit more expensive than some.

Picking my favourite eyeshadow palette of the year was probably the hardest thing. I absolutely love my Naked 2, I love the Naked Smoky and I’m going through a complete obsession with the Collection Eyes Uncovered palette, but overall, I would say I use this palette the most. I tend to bring it with me to the most places and I use it most days because it’s got two perfect matte brown shades. I also L O V E the burgundy and pink and gold shades, but I don’t use the blues that much. This palette is pretty pigmented and the colours blend out really nicely, plus it comes with a mirror and its less than £10.

I haven’t been using this for as long as the others, I discovered it around September time, but it’s definitely earned a place in my favourites because I use it pretty much every day. I wear it for school every day, I wear it in the weekends and holidays, I just love it. The concealer is so creamy and natural looking but it has a really good coverage that can not only cover my hilarious dark circles, but brighten too. Yes Seventeen, so proud.

Another more recent discovery, this earned its way into my 2016 favourites too because it’s just such a beautiful, glowing highlight. It’s insanely pigmented and I wore it yesterday  (when I’m writing this) on top of Benefit High Beam. It looked so gorgeous and intense. I never hear anyone other than myself talking about it but I really think it deserves more hype and love.

Honestly, I don’t really use the highlight in this but the contour I love. It’s suddenly become a lot more pigmented but if you use a light hand it just creates a really nice natural definition to your cheekbones. I have used this most of this year to sort out the non-existent cheekbones, jawline and make my nose look a bit better. It looks so natural but it does make a difference.

No words needed, this has been in SO many posts this year and it’s just my all time favourite lipstick really. It’s a beautiful brown toned nude and its matte. Go on, treat yourself.

Yes lads, the best makeup remover in all the land. It’s so gentle yet it gets your makeup off so quickly.

I’m not using this at the moment, but in the summer I loved this thing. It’s basically a body lotion with some colour in it so if you leave it gradually develops a really nice natural tan, I find you do have to use body scrub before and after otherwise it goes a bit weird, but I generally think this is a really nice natural tan and would be perfect if you wanted to be a bit less pale before a summer holiday. In the winter though I just accept my paleness and its pretty good.

And there you go. I tried to keep it short but as usual I rambled. I’m not sure what order these posts will be going up but I have a post where I just wrote about 2016, and a random favourites. I can also do a fashion favourites if you want, so let me know.  I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to know what your favourite beauty products from 2016 were!

Ellie xo



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