Vlogmas’ I’m Obsessed With

img_5450Sorry about the name but WHAT IS THE PLURAL OF VLOGMAS? Am I right or? December so far has been the month of complete procrastination where I definitely have not put in enough work to school and spent way way way too much time looking for amazing presents. And what is my favourite way to waste time? On my devices of course. I don’t know if its just me but I’ve barely watched any Netflix this month because there have been so many videos and vlogs to watch, and if those aren’t playing in the background, then I’ll be watching a Christmas movie (which is on Netflix so I”m a bit of a hypocrite) or reading everybodys Blogmas posts. Today I have a list of all the people you should watch or read to help you procrastinate well for the rest of this month. You’re welcome and I’m sure your teachers will be too (whoops…).

When I have my ACTUAL GCSE Mocks this time next year I’m completely screwed. Why do they put them right before and after Christmas though like???

Vlogmas – Zoella
Of course, how can I not mention Zoe? I’m pretty sure she is the YouTube queen of  Christmas because is uploading 2 videos a day for most of December. There must be so much editing. I haven’t been able to keep up very well with 24 Days Of Zoella but I’ve been watching her vlogs every day because they make me feel so festive and happy and honestly inspire me to work harder because if she can get up 2 videos a day I’m pretty sure I can do more than 1 post a week, although I am at school too.

Considering she said she wasn’t going to do Vlogmas, Gabriella bloody Lindley has done pretty well at it so far. I love her vlogs so much because she’s so entertaining and I could watch her talk about a mug for hours and it would be interesting. Also her cat, can we take a minute because AWH.

Beauty Spectrum
I mentioned Molly in my Christmas favourites post because I love her Vlogmas so much. I think because she’s in school too, I find her videos a lot more real and I don’t mind that she doesn’t go out and do what some people might call interesting vlog footage every day because she makes whatever she is doing interesting, her accent makes my life and you know what, she is so sociable I don’t understand. Her friendship group is the cutest too.

Lexi Life
Still promoting Katy, if she wants to hire me as a manager or agent or advertiser then I would love that because she just seems like a friend to me. I’m so happpy she’s vlogging and I love how long her vlogs are too. I didn’t realise she was even doing Vlogmas until she uploaded a 30 minute weekly vlog and made my day, which is unusual because I would normally know from stalking her twitter. I LOVE long vlogs though. She’s so down to earth, bubbly, entertaining and please can she just vlog for the rest of her life? Thanks.

I just realised that everybody in this post is a girl but you know what that wasn’t on purpose, girls just take over in December 🙂

I have been reading some Blogmas posts but definitely not as many as how many vlogs I’ve been watching. A few people I’ve been loving are Francesca and Lauren but to be honest my Bloglovin feed is so full its hard to read that much. Obviously there are others like Hannah Gale and Petite Ellie that I always obsess over but I feel like those that post EVERY SINGLE DAY  have so much commitment and deserve a big old hug for all that hard work, especially when they also have a job or uni to go to.

Who are your favourite bloggers and vloggers at this time of year? I’d love to know so I can do even less work.

Ellie xo


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