The Coat Struggle

I’m tiny. Really really tiny. So finding a coat that wasn’t 10 times too big and didn’t make me look like a farmer was a pretty hard thing to do. I haven’t had a new winter coat since Year 7 (I’m currently Year 10) so you bet that was the smallest, ugliest thing EVER. I took to twitter to ask where the best place to buy coats from and one babe told me to look on Asos. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Not spon I just spend most of my life on that website now. There were so many coats and I’m indecisive so it took me a while to find my favourite coat and I ordered that. It was MASSIVE. I then came across a coat called the Ultimate Parka, so I thought it would have to be good to be the ultimate. I ordered that in Burgundy and Khaki, and funnily enough I really liked the coat, but it was still too big so I looked like a farmer. Sooooo I ordered the Petite Ultimate Parka in the smallest size and it ACTUALLY FITS ME!

Any other small people will get my problem, if you’re average height you probably won’t have this issue but the fact it kinda sorta looks alright made it worth the £49.50 I paid for it (was £55 but yano 10% student discount ahem Unidays). I know, I know, I literally never spend that much money on one item of clothing but I told myself it was an investment and I would wear it a lot and it looked cute.

Honestly though I’m OBSESSED with this coat. I love the khaki colour because I think its just basic but interesting and still goes with every outfit. Its not too long and its nice and thick. There was a big fluffy hood but I’ve taken it off for now because it was annoying me but I’ll probably put it back on when it gets to the coldest months. One thing we need to talk about is THE INSIDE. It’s so fluffy, so fluffy, so fluffy (I’m gonna die). Like the cosiest jacket to ever exist.

With my new favourite coat ever, I am wearing this gorgeous jumper from Forever 21 which I just bloody love because its burgundy and not too long, and obviously my Topshop Joni Jeans because I wear them most of my life. I’m hoping to do a more interesting outfit post sometime soon but not this one. This one is just for me to cry about how warm and comfy the coat is and tell you to buy it. Also apologies for the crap photos, I tried to combine outfit photos with a fast shutter speed photoshoot for photography but it ended up meaning that neither worked.

Ellie xo


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