My Top 5 Beauty Christmas Sets

It has now got to that time of year where half my conversations seem to end up with ‘What do you want for Christmas’ and a reply of ‘I don’t really know.’ Maybe that’s just me but I thought I would try (listen to that word because I’m probably the most unhelpful person ever) to help people on both sides of this conversation. Maybe you have no idea what to get your friend, sister, whoever it may be, or maybe you desparately need to tell somebody ideas for what they could get you or you’ll end up with socks and books you’d never read. Just me? (not ungrateful, just a little lol okay.) I know that I always tell myself I have ENOUGH makeup and don’t need any more, but it’s pretty inevitable that I’ll end up asking for or buying somebody else some makeup or beauty for Christmas. I love picking out gifts for my friends probably the most, and I already know I’ll be getting some of these beauty sets for them because how cute – mini products and cute packaging for stuff you probably haven’t tried out before.

After that very long introduction, here are my top 5 (or maybe 6)beauty gift sets that I’m completely obsessed with and think would be great stocking fillers or a bit of a bigger gift.



Essie have quite a few cute Christmas sets to be honest – they’re not the cheapest but some have two, three or four nail polishes in. My favourite is this because  I feel like burgundy (Bahama Mama) and the cute af grey colour (Chinchilly) are such classic, gorgeous wintery shades that I think are perfect for Christmas time. There are also some cute sets with glitters and different colours but the packaging is so festive!



Like the last set, I am definitely going to be adding this to my Christmas list! I love Seventeen as a brand anyway, they get involved with bloggers and always have amazing Christmas gifts. This just made my day though because it comes with bronzer, blusher and highlight sticks for only £4 each. Bargain! I haven’t seen any reviews of it but considering how amazing the Seventeen powder highlight is I have high hopes.



A little more pricey but still amazing value! I feel like most girls would scream if they opened this on Christmas day but theres good reason. You get pretty big minis (bigger than half the full size) of Hoola, Dandelion, Sugarbomb, Rockateur and Coralista blushes and bronzers, PLUS a mini Watts Up and mini They’re Real Eyeliner and Mascara, which is my favourite ever btw. So yeah, enough ranting, this set is so pretty and if you’re looking for a bigger present, maybe a best friend or sister, this would be such a great gift.


Ummm how great! Sleek is one of those makeup brands I love and need to try more from so when I saw they were bringing out Christmas sets I got very excited. I’m obsessed with the mini Matte Me set which I actually bought myself in this haul and the set with the highlighting palette and full size Matte Me but they both seem to be sold out…sadly. THIS is also an amazing deal and I can totally see why it’s called face of the day as it includes a neutral but also could be smokey brown toned eyeshadow palette (Storm is one of my fave palettes of all time so I’m sure this one is just as great!), mascara, red lipstick, and liquid highliht. Doesn’t that just scream Christmas to you! This is a good in between price where its not too expensive but its also a properly big gift so if you’re looking for a set for a makeup obsesser, maybe a blogger friend or something, it would be an incredible present!



Sorry but Soap & Glory probably win the gift game! Every year they come out with so many amazing sets, from very cheap to a lot more expensive. So much that I couldn’t pick one of these sets to include in my top 5, so I made it a top 6 but shhh don’t tell anyone. The Merry Kiss Much has three of their gloss sticks, a nude, pink and berry, so the perfect selection. I already know I’m buying this for one of my friends, just not sure who yet…I want it for myself to be honest.  And another trio with the Get Into The Smooth set. This one includes three body butters in different smells and I love the S&G body products so much, I think this is a complete bargain and definitely a good idea maybe if you’re buying for someone who doesn’t wear makeup so much, or just if they love aesthetically pleasing, amazingly soft body products.

Just wanted to say, whenever I recommend products I feel like people will think I’m sponsored. Trust me, amazing brands like these would never sponsor me lmao. I just really really love Christmas and buying presents for friends and family. You’ll definitely be seeing some beauty gift sets on my wishlist this year. Let me know if you want to see any other gift guide type posts or what you want to see now I’m getting into Christmas posts. EEEEE I LOVE IT!

Ellie xoxo



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