October Favourites

Just wanted to say, I’m so sorry this post is basically two weeks late, I may have forgotten what a problem autumn is when you need to take photos for a post. Every day after school it was so dark and looked crap, so I’ve been waiting a while to take the photos for this. Anyway, enjoy!

October was so good. I mean don’t ask me why because I literally have no clue, nothing at all interesting really happened (apart from a really fun Halloween sleepover) but I’ve just been feeling quite happy. My mood changes so quick though so let’s see how long that lasts. There have been lots of things that I’ve been obsessed with this month so lets crack on with my October favourites.

Lexi Life – I usually start my favourites posts with makeup and beauty but this one beats all the rest so I thought I’d put it at the beginning before you get bored and click off the post. BUT LEXI LIFE! LEXI BLOODY LIFE. Technically her names not even Lexi but I’ve been too busy watching her videos to even get over that. AND HER SNAPCHATS MAKE MY LIFE (lexilife95), although to be honest so do her tweets, blog posts and videos. Just all round goals – the fangirl in me has come back but she’s so funny and talented at makeup that you have no choice to not add her on everything.

Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer – the lovely people at Seventeen sent me a few of their products to try out over a month ago now and this concealer, along with the beautiful highlight, was one of the products I was most excited to try. You can read a full review in this post but I love love love this concealer, it’s completely  replaced my Rimmel one and I don’t think I’ll ever go back – I wear the shade Fair every day for school. It’s got coverage to it but it’s not too heavy, it’s super brightening and it actually lasts under your eyes without cakeing up. Basically how can you not be in love with this concealer for £5?

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit – another Boots Bargain at £5 here! I love this shade so much, it’s a gorgeous matte pinky nude and definitely my kind of colour.  If you’ve read my haul post, you will know I picked up a set of 4 mini Matte Mes because I love the formula so much. How is it barely drying? I don’t that often do anything that exciting out of the house that means I need to wear liquid lipstick but if I do, you know I’ll be wearing this. I wore it to town a few weeks ago and even after eating Pick & Mix and drinking Costa, it was only a little faded on the inner part of my lip. Definitely an October fave.

Nivea Cocoa Cacao Lip Butter – lip balm is my LIFESAVER. I’m one of those people who always has lip balm near because my lips get so horrible and chapped and not great so this makes my life so much easier. If you’re a loyal reader, you’ll remember me always including Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm in all my posts, which by the way I still obsess over, but I have completely run out of…THIS though – it’s so much more moisturising and intense whereas the balm is more of a quick fix. You need this okay?

Loreal Shampoo and Elvive Fibrology Conditioner – I heard in a video that you shouldn’t use the same shampoo and conditioner for a long time because your hair gets used to it and it stops helping and OH how much that has changed my hair. Don’t get me wrong, it still definitely needs to be shinier and softer but these have made a lot of difference. They didn’t have both of either in stock when I ordered these so I just got a different one but I’m actually really glad I did. Sorry to be a bad beauty blogger but my hair can get pretty greasy at the roots if it hasn’t been washed for a while so the shampoo makes all the difference to that, and the conditioner just adds shine and volume to my hair so its not a boring flat rat. If you have naturally straight hair you’ll know what I mean.

Forever 21 Bomber Jacket – I’ve been meaning to do an outfit post with this babe in it for a long time but still haven’t got round to it. I’m SO happy I jumped on the trend and bought this because, as not a coat fan, I just think most jackets make my outfits look crap but this just looks cute always, you know? I can definitely see why everyone loves bomber jackets and they are PERFECT for this time of year. They keep you warm but not too warm that you’re sweating so I’ve been wearing this a LOT this month.

The only other things I want to mention is Costa Creamy Coolers – I’m sure I’ve talked about them in a post before but SO YUM. And Gabby’s This Town Cover, even though I only found it recently, is so beautiful, you just need to listen to it because she sounds like a Disney Princess! I did this in my September Roundup and you seemed to love it so here are my posts from October all together:

Now all there is left to say is that I’m SO HAPPY IT’S NOVEMBER! It’s basically Christmas and the amount of Christmas gifs I’ve retweeted already – I’m so excited to start browsing amazing presents for my friends and listening to Christmas music. Opening Tanya’s advent calendar too!

Ellie xo



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