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img_20161024_114040.jpgAh TV, something which used to be the reason for me to wake up at 6 in the morning, although don’t ask me why because there was never even anything good on CBBC at that time. It’s changed a lot since then and after I stopped watching shows like Sadie J, Dani’s House and Tracy Beaker (which if you remember then please can we chat in the comments because awh how cute were they!) I went through a phase where I just did not watch TV at all and spent my life on YouTube. But when I started wanting programmes to watch again, which took a lot of persuading to even get a free trial on Netflix, let alone share a subscription with my brother, I watched a lot. A   L O T. So I’ve now watched quite a lot of programmes which my brother likes to tell me exactly how many hours I’ve watched. Lets just say I feel a bit bad after that, but I’m starting a new kinda series on my blog where I just sit and write about a specific topic. This post will be all about TV shows I’ve watched and my opinions on them but I can’t decide if I should go make tea or not.

How To Get Away with Murder – an interesting name at least. I had this in my list on Netflix for aaaages until I finally watched it. I did like it but I just found it wasn’t that interesting which, it probably should have been. Don’t get me wrong it was a good TV show, it just didn’t really compare to a lot of better shows and I got really annoyed at the last episode because ARGH no spoilers. I watched the first season but it wasn’t really gripping enough to watch another right now.

One Tree Hill – I don’t know what it is about me and this show. I’ve watched the first few episodes so many times and I do really enjoy it but I can just never seem to get into it and actually watch a lot. Probably because its not on Netflix so it didn’t have that easy way of watching it but I’ll probably give it another go if I get an iTunes voucher or go on a long journey or something. Great show though from what I’ve seen.

Gossip Girl – NOW we’re talking. Again this took me ages to actually watch because I feel like the photos they put on Netflix make me really not want to watch something. But I seriously loved this series, so much I’m tempted to rewatch it but I don’t think it would be the same. It’s funny, feel good, emotional, and you will ship the characters so much your heart will HURT. Blair and Chuck always though, come on. I don’t know how they made 5 seasons of it considering it doesn’t have that much of a dramatic plot line *at this point I realise I should actually explain what the shows are about*. It just follows a group of teenagers, plus kinda their parents, in New York and they have pretty interesting lives and loves and friendships and its just great. WATCH WATCH WATCH.

Pretty Little Liars – before I watched Gossip Girl this was definitely my all time favourite show. PLL is so hyped up and it’s a mystery girly american drama about a group of best friends (wow) in Rosewood and how after something changes their life everything goes crazy and it’s just a really great show. There were points in the last few seasons that were stupid and pointless and unnecessary but it got pretty good again and I’m excited for the last season. So intriguing and you can’t not watch the next episode and I can’t believe they’re making us wait until April :(((

How I Met Your Mother – the show I’m currently watching. I started it in September some time and I’m on Season 7 (out of 9) at the moment. Another one where I don’t really understand why but I LOVE this. It’s hilarious, I’m so attached to the characters and it keeps you watching so well. It never gets boring and it’s the perfect show to cosy up to on an autumn evening. Sometimes it does focus mainly around sex and alcohol so if you are younger you might not like it so much – I’m sorry for that I know how annoyed I get when people say patronising stuff like that but it’s true because you’ll just enjoy it better if you’re a bit older. Plus its a 15.

That was just a little chat of my opinions on 5 TV shows  which are all pretty good but if you want to watch one, make it Gossip Girl please and thanks. There are tons more which I’ve watched so if you want me to talk about those I can definitely do a part 2. But please talk to me in the comments, or tweet me @ellsworldd if you wanna chat about throwback CBBC stuff or anything you would recommend or whatever.

Ellie xoxo


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