Some Recent Purchases

You know what I haven’t posted in a while? A haul. And considering I do like a good shopping spree every once in a while I thought that needed to change. Whilst it was half term me and a friend decided to do some retail therapy (you know, to get us ready for the longggg term before MY FAVE TIME OF YEAR). So we took a trip to Brighton, which is one of the best places to splash some cash. How much do I sound like a TV salesman right now? 🙂

Today I have a mix of clothing, accessory, makeup and some other little bits that I have purchased recently (mostly in Brighton) so I thought I would give a little inspiration.


The shop where I usually blow all my money. Funnily enough I actually didn’t this time. I picked up a mini size of the Garnier Micellar Water because its my favourite makeup remover and times have been sad without it. I just find every other product so much effort whereas this is so easy and I actually bother to take my makeup off before bed when I have this. Well sometimes. I also picked up a Body Fantasies Pink Vanilla Body Spray just because I was quite intrigued by this as I love vanilla but its actually quite fruity. I do really like this scent though and I needed a spray just to go in my school bag for those smelly days and I really like this. It was only £2 as well which is a bargain because I was going to buy Zoella’s 4 mini perfumes but then I found out they were literally tiny.


Everyone on my twitter must’ve been annoyed because I was getting so excited and throwing links everywhere when I looked on the Boots Christmas section and saw that Sleek had really stepped up their gifting. The one thing that stood out to me the most though was this so of course when in a massive Boots I walked all round the store until I found one. This is the Sleek Say The Magic Word Mini Matte Me Collection (which for some reason has completely disappeared from everywhere online but is still around in store) and I can definitely write a review of this if people want me to but oh my 4 MINI matte liquid lipsticks in the most beautiful shades. Can we just. I couldn’t even wait until Christmas for this and I have Birthday Suit already in full size, which was included in my only lipsticks you need post – I think that says something. Everything is better when its mini and this was a tiny £5 so thank me later.


To be honest, I rarely go to Primark so I was expecting to go in and find a TON of autumn cuteness and everything I wanted. That definitely did not happen but I did find a couple of things I had been wanting for ages. I firstly picked up one of the PS Nail Polishes in the grey shade because you may know I have been looking for a good grey nail polish for the longest time so I will keep you updated on how this one goes. Can’t really complain when the price is 90p though. And guess what else I picked up? CHOKERS! Oh what a relatable basic teen I am but come on, everyone looks amazing in them so I had to at least try the trend. I laughed so hard because Topshop and Urban Outfitters were selling them where you get one black for £8 or something. But little old cheapo me went to Primark and got three velvet chokers, a thin black, thin burgundy and thick black which I probably won’t wear but oh well, for £1.50. One pound fifty yes. I’m very excited to try and style these and see how bad I look. Oh well, I try…

How have I got to the last thing already? Okay so H&M is a shop that I used to be OBSESSED with as a kid, 99% of my clothing was from the kids one in my local town. But I rarely go in there any more, however I did while in Brighton and I quickly eyed up a little gem. It’s just a navy, burgundy, beige and white striped long sleeved top but I think it is so adorable and autumnal and I’m VERY excited to wear this – I might even try with a choker. It also has little frilly detailing on the bottom and end of the sleeves which is very satisfying, even though I’ll probably tuck it in.

Well technically there were a couple of other things I could include in this post, like the Coco Pops bars I bought from Poundland because they are my favourite thing and I wanted food to eat on the way home, a Malteaser bar (because they are underrated) which I gobbled up when writing a drama essay, and of course the Tanya Burr Advent Calendar I recently ordered. How am I meant to wait over a month to start opening it? Like how? I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you’ve been spending your money on recently so we can enable each other!

Ellie xo



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