Liebster Award

img_2401Remember the days when tags were all I posted? Awh well I haven’t done one in a while but that’s what I’m gonna be writing this week. I was nominated by Eloise to do the Liebster Award which is a tag I’ve always seen floating around but never been tagged for, until recently. The rules are to write 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked, tag 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions. Whoever invented this really liked the number 11 but anyway, lets go.

11 facts about me:

  • I am 100% a cat person and not a dog person. Although I like dogs, cats are so much more lazy and chill like me, but then they have their moments when they’re really active and funny.
  • I spend so so so much money on clothes and makeup, its not even funny. I earn it myself though and compared to some people I watch its nothing.
  • One thing I really want at the moment is Tanya Burr’s Advent Calendar. I’d been debating ordering it for a few weeks but I thought I would wait until I went into a store. I was then worrying it would go out of stock and as soon as I finally decided I would order it, guess what? It was out of stock. Interesting story I know, I’ll keep my blog updated on if I get it or not.
  • I’m weirdly interested in politics. Like you wouldn’t think so considering my other favourite things are acting, Spanish, makeup and fashion but I just find politics so interesting. Brexit was the time I first really got into it (crying over my sad future), but now I really like keeping up up date with everything. And oh my I can’t believe anyone would vote for Donald Trump, I’m actually dreading the US election. Like however much you don’t like Hilary, she has to be better than that sexist, racist guy. Any teenagers interested in politics hit me up.
  • I ramble so much as you can tell. I really wonder why anyone even reads my blog or talks to me condidering what comes out of my mouth is such nonsense.
  • Crapp, there was me thinking it was 7 facts but no its 11 oh dear.
  • Mini golf is not my speciality. Like i enjoy it but I always lose by loads, although I did get a hole in one last time I was playing but don’t ask how.
  • Basically no sport is my speciality. If you read this post you would know I had started running but, like usual, I gave up after something like 4 weeks. I am still doing the workouts every day though.  But netball, badminton, tennis, anything like that. Don’t even try. I don’t mind football though.
  • For English language we have to do a Speaking & Listening qualification where we have to write and perform a speech about something that interests us, so I’m doing mine on the pressure of school on teenagers. Let me know if that’s something that interests you because I thought about posting it on here but its a load of crap so I’m not sure.
  • As I discovered recently, I really do not like train doors. Let me explain. We had just got off the tube at Charing Cross when we noticed a sign that basically said you couldn’t get out at this tube station so my mum and my brother ran back on the train but I was the last to jump on and even though it was fine, it really scared me because I hate the thought of being at a tube station in London on my own, but also the thought of being squished by the door is so so horrible. Its one of my liytle fears.
  • To me, the perfect morning is to wake up slowly at maybe 9 (I know I like sleep but too long makes me feel unproductive), sit in bed on my phone with HIMYM for a while then while still watching it, go downstairs and have a bowl of Coco Pops, come back upstairs and sit in bed doing blog stuff for a bit. Then have a shower and do my makeup and hair then pick a cute outfit and go do something interesting (Brighton or town with my friends preferably). Sadly, its more like wake up at 7 get ready quickly for school, leave.


What is your favourite flower?

I’m definitely not a flower person because I just find them a waste of money although they are very pretty so I can deal. I never really buy them myself but the ones I always eye up are roses (obviously)  and I can’t think of any others.

If you were to dye your hair what colour would you go for?

I can’t really imagine myself with any other hair other than blonde, but either a bit of a lighter blonde without being too fake, or I used to think pastel pink tips would look cute but I’m not sure anymore.

Nail art or plain block colour?

Plain block. I do like doing nail art but I’m not exactly amazing and it takes so long.

Is there a song you put on to motivate / cheer yourself up?

If I need some motivation, musicals always make me really happy. Or my favourite songs at the moment are Closer and a few others. 

Favourite kind of sandwich?

CHRISTMAS SANDWICHES. Yes oh my I saw them in Marks the other day but thiught I should wait until mid November to start eating them but YUM. Plus I’m pretty sure some of the product goes to charity so thats always good. 

Do you have a quote / song lyric you absolutely love?

Ummm, off the top of my head no. I’ll get back to you on that.

If you could spend a day with your favourite fictional character what would you do?

Blair Waldorf maybe, I dont know. And I would just walk around New York and act like I know what I’m doing.
Sunny days or rainy ones?

I’m SO INDECISIVE. I do like sunny days where you can sit in the garden or go out to places but then again rainy days with fairy lights and snuggling up with films and blankets are always good too. Who knows?

Christmas chocolate or Easter eggs?

Christmas chocolate duh. Everything just tastes nicer and you get chocolate coins and quality streets and dont forget chocolate orange.

If you could do anything at all for the next year, what would it be?

Blog. Cheesy as it sounds, when I’m feeling inspired it really does make me happy. If not that then definitely work on my acting and be in more shows and PERFORM.

What was/is your favourite school subject?

I seem to be going on about it a lot in this post but I’ve completely rediscovered my love for Drama since I started Year 10. And Spanish is close behind because I just like it. Its satisfying and fun and interesting. 

Thank you for reading – I hope you enjoyed me ranting about nothing and if you’re still reading I’m proud.  Thanks so much to Eloise for nominating me. I think I was also nominated by Emily so thanks to her too!

I tag: Lauren, Grace, Lily, Francesca and YOU READING THIS. To be honest I don’t really know who to tag: most people have done it or don’t want to so if you’re reading this, if I tagged you or not, and you want to do this post, DO IT. Your questions are:

  1. Smoothies or milkshakes?
  2. Films or TV shows? And which is your favourite one of those?
  3. If you could live anywhere where would it be?
  4. And who would you live with?
  5. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  6. What are you up to at the moment?
  7. On a scale of 0-5, how happy are you?
  8. What device do you use for blogging?
  9. Are there things in your life that you take for granted?
  10. If you had to do a 3-5 minute speech, like me, on one issue, topic or person, that interests you or is close to you, what would it be?
  11. Scarves or hats?

Ellie xo


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