The September Roundup 

September has gone so quick. So quick. And I’m not just saying that – one day I was preparing to go back to school and the next I’ve been there three weeks already. What! So anyway, I tend to do favourites posts every other month because I just can’t find enough things to mention otherwise. I posted an August favourites so there won’t be one this month but I thought I would round up the month in a different way where I just sit on my bed listening to music and type. I talk a lot, just ask my friends, so this post is literally perfect for me. I’m also going to share some photos I took this month because why not?

The music I currently have on in the background is Seeing You from Groundhog Day – I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in a post before but its such an amazing song. The layers just build and build and the verses are just as good as the chorus and its the only song from Groundhog Day I can actually listen to since its on YouTube because for some stupid reason there is no soundtrack. I know, cry with me…

So school happened, that was a thing. I went from spending 80 percent of my time being a blogger, emails and social media and post writing and all, to having to step back from blogging and only be posting once a week. But school is actually so much better than I thought it would be, I’m now in Year 10 so I’ve properly started my GCSE subjects and its so great. Lets not talk about English and Science but Drama and Spanish and Photography and History, erm yeah sure? I feel like I’m working so much harder and Year 9 feels like ages ago, the workload has got a lot bigger and teachers just expect you to do homework without question. I’m gonna try and enjoy this year though as everyone keeps saying its the last not too stressful year before GCSE year (help help help). Its also my last full year though because after the exams in Year 11 you finish at the beginning of June. Wait though because WHAT I have 30% of my Drama GCSE in February 2017 woahhhhh.

Now that I’m back at school and waking up at 7am, I completely understand the troubles of being a teenager and not wanting to wake up until at least 11. My mum keeps telling me I need to go to bed earlier but adults just don’t understand that even if we get 20 hours sleep we’ll still be exhausted the next day because I seem to be so tired all the time. And time is just going so fast, I don’t know whats going on?

What else? Oh I bought a bomber jacket so be expecting an outfit post including that some time soon. That’s the problem: I just wanna put highlight on and a cute outfit and go shoot outfit photos but I’m not sure where to take them, when to take them and I’m too scared to ask the one friend that knows about my blog if she’ll come and shoot them for me. But AUTUMN yes that has happpened. It’s officially autumn and I am buzzing (at this point I get really bad dejavu of writing this post ahh) and I love being cosy and drinking tea at all times. Yes colder weather, no more melting on the way home. Why is my wifi playing up so much? It’s far ahead but I’ve been thinking about December and I’ve decided, although knowing indecisive me I’ll change my mind, that I’m not gonna do Blogmas this year because last year was mainly just lots of not well thought out or interesting posts and I would rather just try and post more often but not every day, whilst actually having posts I’m proud of that I’ve put effort into. I’ll update closer to the time though. Snapchat Vlogmas is also a possibility. It was my friends birthday today and it was making me think omg I cannot wait to go Christmas present shopping and get everyone amazing presents!

Although this isn’t a favourites post, I thought I would just quickly include a couple of random things that I have been LOVING throughout September. So Coco Pops Bars happened and I am so obsessed because they are honestly the yummiest (and probably unhealthiest but let’s not talk about the food baby currently growing inside of me) snack ever. Like bye crisps, bye Brunch Bars, you’ve been completely replaced by my new favourite.

Another thing I have been loving is How I Met Your Mother – I started watching it when we had a half day of school because of Year 6 Open Evening and its so funny and easy to watch and I’ve watched way too much already. I was looking for a new show to watch on Netflix and I’ve definitely found it – especially as there are 9 seasons so I won’t finish any time soon. Oh MY gosh I NEED to talk about conspiracy theories because I have been going through a conspiracy theory phase and THE MANDELA EFFECT CAN WE JUST! Please look up Shanes conspiracy theories because mind blown – okay bye.

My posts from September:

Hope you enjoyed this very chatty post! I now really want to go and make a cup of tea so I’m gonna do that. What were up to last month?

Ellie xoxo



  1. Have a nice relaxing break darling. I know the feeling. Sometimes I want to straddle a rocketship and ride it , holding on with one hand, waving the other arm in the air going WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO,Ssaying, “SEE YA SUCKEEEEERS!!!!!!” and just shoot for the moon. I proved already that it can be done if you draw your self like a cartoon. BAHUAHAHAHAHAHHA

    *clears throat and straightens up

    I mean, yeah. Very gud, very very gud.! Hurry back lol

    Liked by 1 person

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