The Only Lipsticks You Need

Whilst I am a lip addict and buy way too many lip products, there are a few that I reach for SO often and deserve all the hype they get (especially from me). Today I am going to be picking out 4 lipsticks (technically some are liquid but yano) out of my stash of maybe 20 and tell you exactly why you need them.

The Brown Nude: MAC Velvet Teddy 

I’d be surprised if anyone who reads my blog didn’t know this would be included in this post. I talk about this lipstick so much but it honestly is my perfect nude – brown toned but still natural and not too light for my skin tone. This deserves all the hype it gets. Oh and its not even that drying once you get used to it. BABE AT £15.50 – expensive but so worth it!

The Pink Nude – Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit

This one is a new addition to my makeup collection but I love it so much. Its a liquid lipstick which dries down to a matte nude shade, kinda similar to Velvet Teddy but a tiny bit lighter and a lot more pink. I’ve been looking for my perfect pink nude for ages and this one is exactly what I wanted. Its not that drying and its really long lasting considering the price is £4.99. Snap this one up next time you’re in Boots or Superdrug, I dare you.

The Bold Pink – Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake

Who remembers the days when I rambled about this in every post? I used to be able to wear this as an everyday shade but I can’t quite pull that off anymore. It’s a gorgeous corally bright-ish pink, yet its not too bright. It calls itself a moisturising lip cream which I would agree with as it really is moisturising, meaning it doesn’t last as long but it’s such a nice colour I don’t mind reapplying it. And it’s £3. Three pounds! Bargain!

The Classic Red – Rimmel Kate Moss in 107

To me, a red lipstick is such a staple that every girl needs. Of course, its not the easiest to wear – I’m probably the most confident out of all my friends and even I find it a bit scary wearing this shade out. A red is so perfect, not only for day to day wear but for parties and events too. Oh, and lets not forget this is such an autumnal shade. YAY AUTUMN! But honestly if dark berry reds aren’t for you, try a postbox red or an orangey one. This is just the shade that I love the most, and the formula is great too. Such a creamy, pigmented colour that is matte but not drying. Let’s just not talk about the smell. Full review of this here.

As you can tell I’m definitely more of a matte kind of girl than the shiny lip products. It was quite difficult for me to pick only 4 but if I had to these would be the ones that I would choose, plus my MAC in Hot Gossip because oh I will never get bored of that colour, because I feel like I could do pretty much any look I wanted with these. Some are under £5 and one is £15. There’s a difference but they are all so worth buying.

Ellie xoxo



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