Autumn Fashion Wishlist

I spend quite a bit of my time scrolling through clothing websites looking for clothes that I 100% need because I have no other clothes to wear – as if. But I tell myself its research because my blog is partly fashion and I need to know what’s in stores at all times so I can have the best outfit posts. And today I have rounded up my favourite items from New Look, Pull & Bear and one or two items from Topshop, to share with you if you’re looking for a little retail therapy after the hard transition back into school/work. Come on, you deserve a little treat because Autumn has the best fashion EVER. Sweaters, jeans, burgundy, khaki, the usual. But for this post there are also some items that are much more out of my comfort zone like pinafores and pinks.

I’m so in love with all of these items, but some of my favourites have to be the jumper at 13 because damn it’s so adorable and different. I also love the skirt at number 1 and I might have to pick it up some time soon. I’ve been wanting a choker and a pinafore for ages, mom jeans too. The two Pull & Bear tops at 6 and 11 are super cute too but sadly the Influencer one is way too big for me, even in the smallest size, as I’ve tried it on in the shop. Number 4 is so out of my comfort zone and different to my usual style that I actually like it and think it would look great with jeans and a cute sweater. But the grey suede trainers – I just NEED THEM, how beautiful!

  1. Topshop Denim Skirt
  2. NL Grey Suedette Trainers
  3. NL Black Layered Star Choker
  4. NL Shell Pink Longline Coat
  5. NL Burgundy Sateen Bomber Jacket
  6. Pull & Bear Crochet Lace Trim Top
  7. NL Ribbed Funnel Neck Jumper
  8. NL Blue High Waisted Skinny Jeans
  9. NL Silver Mini Backpack
  10. NL Mom Jeans
  11. Pull & Bear Striped T-Shirt
  12. NL Grey Batwing Crop Sweater
  13. NL Navy Stripe Sleeve Sweater
  14. NL Khaki Long Sleeved Top
  15. NL Mink Velvet Crop Top
  16. NL Black Cord Pinafore Dress

I hope this gave you some inspiration if you’re going shopping soon or something to work towards! Let me know which is your favourite or if you already have or are going to buy one? I know after writing this a trip to a good New Look is very needed. By the way, the featured image is not mine, but one I found on We Heart It so all credits go to the owner. If New Look would like to send me all these close, please feel free thanks (joking joking I’ll just leave my purse to cry…)

Check out my last post if you haven’t already? I reviewed some super gorgeous and impressive affordable makeup!

Ellie xoxo



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