Battle of the Palettes #2

img_2021-2img_2010-1If there’s one makeup products that I love trying out and doing different looks with, its eyeshadow. Which is why today I have photographed and tested all 7 (is that a lot or not I’m not sure) of my eyeshadow palettes to review and share with you all. This post is actually in two parts, the first is actually a guest post over on Emily’s blog where I review the first 4 palettes and in this post I will be talking about the last 3 and which is my favourite out of them all.

If you’re from Em’s blog, hi, hello, bonjour, I’m Ellie and I blog about beauty, fashion & life. Enjoy my ramblings because I can’t seem to write a post thats less than 300 words. WARNING: some of the reviews linked are from when I was a cringey, crap blogger, feel free to laugh at me.

Sleek I-Divine Storm Palette – £7.99

Lets start this off with I think the first or second palette I ever owned and one that I hadn’t used in ages and started using again recently and fell back in love. This palette *heart eyes emoji*. It has such INCREDIBLE pigmentation and when I say incredible I mean that the matte shades in this palette are as pigmented as the mattes in the Naked palettes. The shimmers aren’t quite as good as the Naked ones but they are pretty similar.

So yeah, very very pigmented and creamy, I haven’t tried a cushion foundation but they feel like what I imagine those to feel like. They blend out so so well and the shade range is gorgeous. I own the Storm Palette which has a great selection of golds and browns and pinky tones and a cranberry. Then they throw in a couple of blues and a green to be adventurous. Oh my gosh this palette is so incredible and its only £8. Full review here.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky – £38.50

Okay I have one question. How did I ever survive without this palette? I mean its just gorgeous. As its from Urban Decay too it is just as amazing quality as the shadows are pigmented, creamy, blend well, you know the drill by now. But seriously, this palette is so useful as it has lots of matte shades to use for smokey eyes, plus some gorgeous shimmery shades that you could use all over the lid. I really feel like doing a silver smokey eye with this right now.

Seriously, if you are wanting to be a makeup artist or learn makeup or get your smokey eyes on point, this palette is so so helpful and amazing quality. Trust me, I used to look like I had a black eye when I did smokey eyes but now, not so much. You can also do more natural eye looks with the goldy shades on the left and the mattes on the far right so this is very (ugh I hate forgetting words, ah I remember) versatile. I loveeee.

img_2031Body Shop Frosted Pastels Palette

I’m running out of describing words over here. The last palette is from the Body Shop and I think it might only be sold at Christmas time or be limited edition. Its nothing that special anyway though, the eyeshadows are alright, they’re quite pigmented just a little chalky and nowhere near as creamy or intense as the UD or Sleek shadows.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend this palette as there isn’t a huge range of shades and there’s only one I would really wear on my lids. The dark navy would be quite pretty on the upper lash line though. It does win some points for the pretty packaging, so much nicer than just plain black.  Full review here.

Now, this is the part where my indecisiveness takes over. Should I rank the palettes or? My top three would definitely be the Naked 2, Smoky and the Sleek palette. Although the Freedom and Collection ones aren’t far behind. If im going to be honest, if you want to be a makeup artist or do a lot of smoky eyes, go for the Smoky. If you just want an everyday palette which you can do a range of natural and not so natural looks with, then you don’t need to spend £40. Instead, buy a Sleek palette, not necessarily the Storm one, there’s loads of different ones, for £8 and treat yourself to a Starbucks and maybe a New Look item or two.

You wouldn’t think I would recommend the drugstore palette the most but its just AMAZING and the quality is up there with UD for a fraction of the price. If you do want to get really into makeup however, Smoky is a great investment. #notanad

Ellie xoxo



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