Thoughts on a Train 

Living in the South East countryside (no, I dont live on a farm with pigs but a little village which has many fields), I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere. And I usually walk most places, like if I’m going to school or a friends house, but if I’m not I usually get the train – its just easier to get to places. I go to London alot, to go to shows or to visit family. I also just jump on the train for 10 minutes to my local town when I feel like doing a bit of shopping. I can even get the train to the beach. So yeah, after that rant, you now understand that I get the train alot. So I’ve compiled (everyone says that and its great to pretend I know what I’m talking about) a list of the the relatable thoughts I have whilst on a train, since my last post of this style was so popular. 

  1. No, please please don’t sit next to me stranger. Now I feel awkward writing this blog post. 
  2. What would happen if we came off the tracks right now?
  3. That girls outfit is amazing. 
  4. We all understand the pain when the train is packed and you’re trying to get out at your stop. 
  5. When people talk really loudly on the phone. Why do you need speaker on? Really?
  6. That group of people coming back from a sports match (usually football), who have had a bit too much to drink. 
  7. The constant struggle of the crappy trains where I live. It took us 40 minutes to do a 10/15 minute journey the other day. Then they decided to terminate our train.
  8. Checking the train lines twitter to see if there are any delays because its the most reliable. 
  9. I once got stuck in between the door things between the carriages. It was not fun. 
  10. Holding on for dear life on the tube. 
  11. Feeling eternally sorry for the people you watch running for the train and just missing it. 
  12. Knowing the station announcements off by heart. Welcome aboard the Southeastern service to London Charing Cross. Calling at…
  13. When the train has the air con on way too high. 
  14. Trying to ignore the temptation to charge your phone in the ‘Not for Public Use’ plug. What do theyuhse it for anyway? People who have chargers on their trains, you lucky lot. 
  15. Doing your makeup on the train is so much easier than in the car. 
  16. Wishing they still had the trolleys so you could buy tasty snacks. 
  17. The delayed gratification (thanks bro for that awesome phrase) when you buy a sandwich then eat it on the train. 
  18. Also, its hard to take photos on a train. 

    Just me that thought it was kinda arty with the random chair by the train track with the London Eye in the background?

    Aaand that’s about all I can think of really. My stop is the next one because yeah, I am writing this on a train. Trains are actually one of my favourite places to write posts because there are no distractions. Hope you enjoyed this style of post, I’m trying to do more chatty posts, as well as my usual beauty and fashion ones. Let me know what posts you want to see!

    Ellie xoxo



    1. Haha I love this! It’s funny how everyones likely thinking the same thing yet no one talks…although I suppose talking about how you don’t like talking to people on trains would probably be a little awkward

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